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Transformers Generation 1 Starscream

Function: Decepticon Aerospace Commander
Motto: "Conquest is made with the ashes of one's enemies."
Alt mode: Jet
Weapon: null-ray

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(text from Marvel Comics, TF: Universe)
Profile: Starscream makes no secret of his ambition to overthrow Megatron as Decepticon Leader.  He is ruthless, cold blooded and cruel.  In that sense the two rivals are very much alike.  But he has a vain side that clearly distinguished him.  He considers himself the most sophisticated and handsome of Deceptions.  He exudes a high class urbane air that provides a certain irony to his murderous tendencies.  He looks down at Megatron for being antiquated in his military strategy.  Starscream believes the Decepticons should rely more on guile and speed rather than brute, destructive force to defeat the Autobots.   Megatron overlooks the potential threat Starscream represents for one very good reason:  Starscream is very good at his job.

Abilities: Starscream is one of the fastest flyers of the Decepticons, reaching speeds up to Mach 2.8.  He can climb to suborbital altitudes of 52 miles and nose dive down to near ground level in mere minutes.  This makes him particularly effective in surprise attacks and hit and run actions.  He can shoot cluster bombs a distance of 40 miles, each of which can level an area 10,000 feet square.   His null-ray rifle can interrupt the flow of electricity in any circuitry it hits for periods of up to two minutes, effectively preventing the operation of many machines dependent on those circuits during that period.

Weaknesses: Starscream overrates himself sometimes and finds himself in situations that are more then he can handle.  His nose dives often overload his gyro-circuitry leaving him disoriented briefly.  But, overall, he is a very tough nut to crack.

(Text from Dreamwave, TF: More Than Meets the Eye #6)
BIO: [From the Personal Datatracks of Starscream, Decepticon Aerospace Commander]  It's only a matter of time, really.  Soon, the Decepticons will follow me instead of Megatron.  I've learned all I can from him and the lust for power that makes us so similar is the same thing that will forever prevent us from working together.  Neither one of us could ever tolerate the other being in control... not for very long, anyway.  And I've just about reached my limit.  Megatron may have been a great warrior, but he lacks the style and subtlety that I've mastered.  With me in command the Decepticons would truly have someone to look to for the leadership needed to win this war... and who wouldn't rather be looking at me than Megatron's bullet-headed grimace?

WEAPONS/ABILITIES: [From the Datatracks of Megatron Decepticon Leader]  There are several reasons why Starscram remains among the functioning.  He is an intelligent and capable warrior and leader, with significant physical strength and offensive capabilities.  In jet mode, he's our fastest as well as the most skilled flyer.  Ruthless and cruel, he makes an excellent lieutenant, despite his blatant aspirations to my position.  And those aspirations are probably why I should have eliminated him long ago.  Yet there is something about him that makes me hesitant.  Perhaps I do feel some similarity, some connection with him... were I in his position, wouldn't I also do everything in my power to become leader?  But I cannot allow my fascination with his behavior to be my undoing; if Starscream were ever to become a serious threat, he would be dispatched in a very final manner.

WEAKNESSES: Subject is highly skilled, but he often overrates his capabilities.

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