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Transformers Armada Starscream w/ Swindle

Motto: "My destiny is leadership!"

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Starscream w/ Swindle:

STARSCREAM uses his speed and maneuverability as a jet to launch aerial attacks on the AUTOBOTS. No one can compete with him when it comes to speed and skill in the air. He slices through the sky, chasing the enemy and even endangering any DECEPTICON that gets in his way. As the second in command, he pretends to be loyal to MEGATRON, but is always looking for an opportunity to weaken his leader's rule and take control of the DECEPTICONS.

Strength: 6.0
Intelligence: 8.0
Speed: 10.0
Endurance: 7.0
Rank: 9.0
Courage: 8.0
Firepower: 7.0
Skill: 8.0

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