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In spite of his massive strength, and the skill with which he uses it, BULKHEAD is not a born fighter. He prefers the simple things in life to the fury and confusion of battle. But he also knows that until the DECEPTICONS are defeated once and for all, simple peace will remain out of reach. No DECEPTICON enemy in their right mind will want to mess with this incredible BULKHEAD figure! This robot-to-vehicle warrior figure has the strength and weapons to prevail in all of your adventures. His spinning wrecking ball will not only give him the edge in any battle, it glows like it has Energon running through it! What he can’t do with his wrecking ball, he’ll do with his cannon! His wrecking ball converts to a cannon in vehicle mode, so he always has the firepower he needs. Snap on his battle ram when he’s in armored truck mode and watch the mayhem begin! Keep converting him from robot mode to armored truck mode and back, so he can handle whatever his DECEPTICON opponents dish out! Figure comes with accessory. Includes 2 button-cell batteries.

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