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Transformers Beast Machines Motorcycle Drone (Thrust) - basic

Motto: "Run 'em down!"

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Motorcycle Drone (Thrust) - basic:

Profile:  The cycle Drones are sparkless warriors under the control of Vehicon General Thrust.  Other than their first appearance in The Reformatting, these drones seldom pose much of a threat; often being as effective as speed bumps for Optimus, Cheetor and the rest of the Maximals, who typically crunch through them like potato chips!  But dang, the toys are awesome! In my opinion, they're the best most show accurate figure in the Beast Machines line, by far!

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Other toy appearances (Thrust):

• Universe Legends Aerial Rivals 5-pack (Target exclusive - Autobot Blades, Air Raid, Skydive, Thrust, and Ramjet) (2008)
• Universe Robot Heroes Autobot Blaster vs. Thrust (G1) (2008)
• Movie ROTF Thrust (2009)

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