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Transformers Armada Terrorsaur w/ Ironhide

Motto: "The strong take, the weak give --to me!"

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Bio:  Terrorsaur was the embodiment of the lowest common denominator. This simple-minded hoodlum gravitated to the Decepticon army's "might makes right" propaganda because he craved power and luxury, but didn't want to work to achieve them. He decided that he could use his skills to simply overpower the weak and take what he wanted, and the Decepticons provided him the perfect opportunity to do so. Even they might have shied away from this obnoxious, loud-mouthed recruit, if not for his preternatural abilities as a warrior. Although he spoke with the unrefined vernacular of a street thug, Terrorsaur became a sleek, sophisticated killer on the battlefield. More than one of his fellow Decepticons commented on the bizarre, almost supernatural transformation that he underwent during combat, which helped stoke his considerable ego. Of the four Transformers remade to serve Unicron, Terrorsaur is the only one who seemed destined to gladly embrace the darkest path.

Weapons and Abilities:  Subject possessed a high-level of strength and endurance, but only average intelligence.  However, his natural instincts as a warrior, both on the air and the ground, made him one of the most formidable Decepticons in battle. His robot mode's top flight speed was 300 mph, but he could reach speeds of up to 450 mph using his booster thrusters in beast mode.  Subject was particularly adept at using his razor-sharp, super-hard talons and wings to pick off foes on the battlefield.

Weaknesses:  Subject's teeth in beast mode are relatively brittle, making them susceptible to breakage when trying to bite a sturdy object. He's very sensitive about this minor flaw in light of his otherwise impressive capabilities. 


"Alone is no way to live."
Bio:  Ironhide is a unique case among the MiniCons. Having lost numerous close friends to the Decepticons, the distraught Mini-Con vehemently supported the Autobot cause and even offered to team permanently with an Autobot warrior. The two became a close-knit duo until the Autobot was destroyed by the ruthless Decepticon Terrorsaur who then captured Ironhide to act as his own personal Mini-Con. Bereft of friends, lronhide could only accept her fate until a means of escape presented itself. That escape came when Terrorsaur was captured and reformatted into a herald of Unicron.  But Ironhide discovered that her new found freedom felt empty. With Terrorsaur's departure, she realized that everyone whom she had ever shared any connection with was now gone. Since then, the gloomy Ironhide has become strangely obsessed with rescuing Terrorsaur, and has joined in Nightscream's quest to return Unicron's heralds to their original states.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject possesses above-average strength and endurance for a Mini-Con, as well as great intelligence. She has particularly heavy armor that is resistant to most projectile and energy attacks, making her an effective ground-based warrior. Subject's vehicle mode can traverse most terrain with ease, and her main armament in this mode is a rapid-fire machine gun that fires 120 armor-piercing shells a minute.

Weaknesses:  Subject is physically well protected, but her needy emotional state makes her somewhat unreliable.

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