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Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Box Set - Shattered Glass Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Goldbug, Autobot Jazz, Starscream & Razorclaw


Box Set - Shattered Glass Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Goldbug, Autobot Jazz, Starscream & Razorclaw in other sections:

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Box Set - Shattered Glass Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Goldbug, Autobot Jazz, Starscream & Razorclaw:

Shattered Glass Autobot JAZZ
"Destroy it with style or don't bother destroying it at all!"
Affiliation: Evil Autobots
Function: Bodyguard/ Special Operations
First cartoon appearance: none
First Comic Appearance: Botcon 2008 Exclusive, Convention Comic

Character description from "tech spec: Autobot Jazz and his brother Ricochet serve as Optimus Prime's powerful and merciless bodyguards. while the Seeker unit is designed to hunt down and destroy targets, Jazz and Ricochet stay with Optimus Prime to protect him against any and all threats. Jazz is one of Optimus Prime's most loyal and trusted aides. He only wishes to serve the glorius future that Optims laid out for the Autobots and he is completely convinced of his cause. Recently, Jazz intercepted a series of transmissioins from a planet called earth. While garbled, he managed to decode and translate just enough to become enamored with the planet's culture. As a result, he gave himself a new design pattern with his own special modifications. Everything he does has to be with style, from talking to simply transforming. While Optimus Prime finds this behavior strange, he allows Jazz some latitude from standard Autobot military practice as longs as he remains loyal to him.


Shattered Glass GOLDBUG
"The least likely is always the most dangerous."
Affiliation: Evil Autobots
Function: Espionage

Character description from "tech spec:  Goldbug was once a young Cybertronian drifter known as Bumblebee.  He survived on the streets of Polyhex with no real purpose.  Over time, he became skilled at sneaking around, stealing, eavesdropping and blackmailing.  When he heard of a new cause being led by Optimus Prime, he eagerly joined the Autobots in hopes of finding a place to belong and where his unsavory activities would be tolerated.  When the war began, Bumblebee showed extreme bravery in battle and often sought ways to be noticed by command.  In time, he worked his way up the ranks of the Autobots and was offered an upgraded form and a new identity as Goldbug, to take his place.  Although he holds a high position in the Autobot hierarchy, he is paranoid that someone will one day try to betray him and take his place as he has done to so many others in the past.


Shattered Glass GRIMLOCK
"Total victory requires total destruction."
Affiliation: Evil Autobots
Function: Berserker

Grimlock is a tragic figure.  He was originally developed by the Decepticons as a soldier whose sentience would be based on artificial intelligence rather than an Ember.  However, his violent subroutines overrode his logic programming causing him to destroy the facility that created him.  Megatron was able to deactivate him and he was stored away, never to be used again.  However, when Optimus Prime learned of this creation, he stole Grimlock and reactivated him.  Offered a chance to revel in his violent tendencies, Grimlock eagerly joined Optimus Prime and serves as his most potent warrior.  Grimlock will not stop tearing through the enemy ranks until they are all destroyed or he can no longer move.  He simply cannot feel mercy and has little self control.  "I wish I had a thousand more like him!" says Autobot leader Optimus Prime.  Fortunately for the Decepticons, he doesn't.


 Shattered Glass OPTIMUS PRIME
"All sentient beings are free to follow me.  Refusal means destruction."
Affiliation: Evil Autobots
Function: Emperor of Destruction

Character description from "tech spec:  During Cybertron's Golden age of peace, an elite few served as the guardians of Cybertron's accumulated knowledge.  Among these data clerks was Optronix.  A low-level operator who sought to replace those above him, Optronix turned his research skills to finding methods of manipulation.  Eventually, he rose to prominence; however, when his activities were uncovered, he was removed from service and left purposeless.  Deep in his ember though, Optronix believed he was best fit to lead Cybertron.  He hungered for power and through his studies, he determined that military might was the only way to achieve his goals.  Preaching a philosophy of destruction and conquest, he eventually began re-engineering his body as well as taking on a new name: Optimus Prime.  He then began refashioning the bodies of his followers into weapons as well.  Armed with weapons and a uniting philosophy, he declared his warriors autonomous from the rest of Cybertron and thus named them the Autobots.


Shattered Glass RAZORCLAW
"Patience is the companion of wisdom."
Affiliation: Heroic Decepticon
Function: Predacon Commander

Character description from "tech spec:  Razorclaw was once a professor at the Tyrest University, one of the primary institutions of knowledge and science on Cybertron.  He was renowned for his patience, calm demeanor and unconventional thinking.  Tyrest University was eventually destroyed and Razorclaw retreated into the Manganese Mountains with two of his students, Divebomb and Rampage.  there they hid from the Autobot forces while honing their hunting skills.  In time, tales were told about hunters, known as the Predacons, who haunted the mountains.  Despite having adopted violence, he remains patient with those who see knowledge from him.


Shattered Glass  STARSCREAM
"Among the mysteries of science lies the key to victory."
Affiliation: Heroic Decepticons
Function: Lieutenant Commander

Character description from "tech spec:  In his youth, Starscram was one of the most brilliant sceintific minds to ever graduate from the Crystal city Science institute on Cybertron.  When the Great War between the Autobots and the Decepticons began, Optimus Prime tried to recruit Starscream but he refused.  As a consequence, Optimus ordered the crystal Cith destroyed as Starscream watched in horror.  Shortly afterward, the Decepticons rescued starscream and it was at that point he knew his purpose.  He swore a life of debto to Megatron and decided to apply his scientific skills toward the development of ways to fight the Autobots.  Through his work, he found ways to design more complex transformation based on Megatrons' original technology and has developed weapons able to effectively counter Prime's opression.  He approaches his work witha grim demeanor and the feverent hope that one day, rather than using his skills for destruction, he will instead be able to work for the betterment of Cybertron.

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Other toy appearances (Grimlock):

Other toy appearances (Goldbug):

* Goldbug also known as: Goldfire

Other toy appearances (Jazz):

* Jazz also known as: Meister

Other toy appearances (Starscream):

Other toy appearances (Razorclaw):

* Razorclaw also known as: Razor Claw

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