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Transformers Cybertron Mini-Con Razorclaw vs. Steamhammer


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Mini-Con Razorclaw vs. Steamhammer:

Razorclaw has such a passion for destruction that he prefers strafing ground targets with his powerful machine guns rather than bombing them from high altitude. Anarchy is his bread and butter; he lives to crush his enemies, drive them before them, and here the lamentations of the survivors. Nothing gives him as much pleasure as destroying a great city and razing its cultural institutions - libraries, museums, schools - for he knows that ignorance is the seed of chaos, and it is in chaos he feels most comfortable.


Few enemies are as bitter as Steamhammer and Razorclaw. Steamhammer took his vehicle form because of a deep love of life and order. He believes that war is an unnatural disruption of the organized advance of culture, and does everything he can to limit combat and defend vulnerable targets. He looks at warfare as a necessary evil, but one that only does damage to the civilizations that wage it. Despite his own heroism, he never sees anything but the terrible cost of war at the conclusion of any battle.

Other toy appearances (Razorclaw):

* Razorclaw also known as: Razor Claw

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