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Rhinox is rare among robots. He has a brilliant scientific mind, as well as a deep philosophical curiosity about the nature of the universe around him. He is astoundingly strong - able to hold his own against even the most powerful opponents. He is friendly, good-natured and charismatic, with a fine strategic mind that would make him an ideal leader for the Maximals forces if they didn't already have one. What's more, he carries one of the most powerful weapons of any Maximals in the form of the twin Gatling Guns of Doom, which pump out a Predacon-shredding storm of hot lead.

This is one Predacon-pounding warrior who's got the weaponry to whoop up on anyone! Convert your Rhinox figure from robot mode to rhino mode when the battle calls for some major beast strength. He'll unleash a storm of ammo at any enemy with his twin spinning Gatling guns in robot mode! Keep converting him back and forth so his enemies can't keep up with him!

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