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Transformers Titanium Scourge (6")


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Scourge (6"):

After the catastrophic battle in which both MEGATRON and OPTIMUS PRIME were mortally damaged, the fleeing DECEPTICON forces dumped the ruined bodies of their former comrades into space to lighten their load. In the void of deep space, the wreckage drifted until an ancient creature known as UNICRON swallowed it up, melted it down, and used it to create a hose of mechanical servants. Among this host was a squad of elite tracker-terminators known as the Sweeps, led by the deadly and silent SCOURGE.

Screaming down out of the night sky of CYBERTRON, SCOURGE and his troops fell upon AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON alike, destroying all those who stood against them. They were the first in a long line of heralds and servants to the evil UNICRON, and to this day many of the streets and buildings of CYBERTRON carry the scars left by their powerful disintegration cannons.

UNIQUE FEATURE: Constructed of DECEPTICON wreckage.


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