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Transformers Titanium Megatron (6")


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Megatron (6"):

MEGATRON does not suffer fools gladly. Yet here he is, forced by the power of the Matrix to obey the commands of a simpering braggart in a hood, and a fleshling no less! Still, MEGATRON is nothing if not patient. Let that shrill simpleton COBRA COMMANDER collect his trinkets and treasures. MEGATRON will watch, and wait for his time to strike.

His chance is given him, shockingly, by the AUTOBOTS, whose cooperation with G.I. JOE has smashed COBRA's outer defenses. Feeding his own warriors into the furnace of COBRA COMMANDER’s insane tactics, MEGATRON holds one desire at the forefront of his mind – he will see his tormentor dead and the Matrix in his hand before the AUTOBOTS arrive.

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