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Transformers Generation 1 Scourge

Function: Sweep Leader
Motto: Desolation follows in my trail.
Alt mode: Space Ship

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Profile: Scourge is the most fearsome and implacable hunter-destroyer created by Unicron from the wreckage of  Decepticons. Scourge is leader of "The Sweeps," a specially created wolf pack of tracker-terminators designed by Unicron to hunt down and eradicate Autobots and their human allies.

Side Note / History Factoid: Answer Courtacy of TF fan Neils P.

Does anyone know the story behind why the "Sweeps" are always described as  a "wolf pack"?  It's almost as if the authors had been told that Scourge would be in charge of this pack of robotic wolf TF's!

The term "Wolf pack" derives from World War 2, when the german u-boats hunted for allied warships. The u-boats usually hunted in packs of 4-7 u-boats. Then at night time they would strike the allies ships like wolves hunting their prey. Hence the term "Wolf-pack" came to use !. Today the term Wolfpack has expanded into the world of aviation too. So therefore fighter/strike aircrafts in groups of 4-10 are sometimes referred to as a Wolfpack too, however it's mostly used as a nickname rather than the official designation...

Abilities: Scourge is possessed of scanning & locating equipment, which can detect machine or human presence even if it is as small as an amoeba in the ocean or a wind-up toy in the Sahara desert. And he is merciless & capable of using such weapons as acid rays, which dissolve his targets, laser blasters, disintegrator beams, & assorted demolition and fusion devices in eliminating his prey. He can transform to a scouring vehicle, a marauding mode which can traverse any terrain or fly over land or space and scans for survivors.

Weaknesses: Scourge's only weakness is his arrogance.

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