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Transformers Cybertron Sideways

Function: "Whoever loses, I win!" (Episode 17)

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Affiliation: Unknown
Base planet: none

Primary function: 

Alternate mode: 
stealth jet, 
interstellar spaceship

Galaxy Force name: ノイズメイズ (Noisemaze)

First cartoon appearance: Cybertron episode #11: Deep 

First comic appearance: None

History: Lurking in the shadows, Sideways observed the spaceship Atlantis warp away. He wondered how he could use this to his advantage. He joined the battle in space as an Autobot, only to become a Decepticon and turn the tide of the battle. He sent a fake distress signal from Jungle Planet to Optimus Prime, to bring the Autobot leader to the Jungle Planet. He then told Megatron that Optimus was heading there. Another time, he told Leobreaker that a friend was trapped under a rockslide, and faked a challenge from Optimus Prime to Scourge. He was discovered by Leobreaker and said he was an Autobot special agent. 

Official character text from packaging...
A con man from the day he first came online, SIDEWAYS is a master of deception, mixing just enough truth into his lies to keep both his enemies and his allies off guard. His tongue is as sharp as his sword, always ready with another trick of language to keep his marks guessing at his true intentions; at least long enough to jam a hidden blade through their anterior power units.

Cyber Key Code: dj51
Sideways is probably one of the most horrible Transformers ever! Not only does he come from a mysterious unknown planet, but he also pretends to be an Autobot to gain Optimus Prime and his teams's trust!Then, when the heroes least expect it -- BOOM -- Sideways will turn around and join up with the Decepticons! What a scoundrel!

Bibliography of significant appearances:
*Cybertron episode #11: Deep - First appears lurking in shadows.
*Cybertron episode #12: Ship - Changes allegiances for the first time.
*Cybertron episode #16: Savage - Sends fake distress signal.
*Cybertron episode #17: Sand - Tells Autobots he is with them.

Does anyone else besides me notice that the red shape of his eye visor looks like an artistically abstract red bird, almost like aphoenix rising from the ashes?!?!

Show Gallery:

Other toy appearances:

• Movie ROTF Autobot Strike Mission Legends 4-pack (Sam's Club exclusive - Breakaway, Longarm, Sideways, Bumblebee) (2009)
• Movie ROTF FAB Magna Missile Sideways (2009)
• Movie ROTF Legends Sideways (2009)
• Movie ROTF Robot Heroes Sideswipe vs. Sideways (2009)
• Movie ROTF Super Tuner Throwdown (Blowpipe vs Sideways) (2009)
• RPMs/Speed Stars RPMs Sideways (2009)
• Movie ROTF Shanghai Shootout - Sideswipe, Optimus Prime, Autobot Skids, Mudflap, Demolishor, Sideways. (2010)

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