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Transformers Cybertron Override

Motto: "To combat evil, you need every ally you can get." (Episode 18)

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Affiliation: Autobot?, 
not at first!
Base planet: Speed
Leader of the Speed Planet, Speed planet representative after the Key is obtained...
Alternate mode: 
Speed Planet Race Car
Weapon: Double Barreled Hand Blaster

Galaxy Force name: 
(Nitro Convoy)

First cartoon appearance: Cybertron episode #5: Space

First comic appearance: None

History: A native of Velocitron, Override was approached by Megatron inquiring of the Cyber Planet Key. Override wanted to race, so she said he would have to race her for information. In the second race, they were joined by Hot Shot. She was impressed by Hot Shot, but never let on. Optimus Prime came to her inquiring of the Key also. She didn't know whether to believe him and Hot Shot or Megatron, so she said she would settle it with a race. She won the first qualifying race. During the second qualifying, she crashed into a pile of rocks. With a boulder about to crush her, Hot Shot stopped the boulder and rescued her. She was astonished that someone would give up a race to help another in need. Hot Shot said this was the Autobot spirit. Override went on to win the third qualifying race. During the Great Race, she allowed Hot Shot to have Coby as an occupant. She was beaten by Hot Shot in the Great Race, but realized that there is more to the universe than racing. She joined the Autobots to help fight Megatron's evil schemes. As Velocitron's leader, she was allowed to join the Cyber Planet Key to the Omega Lock. Override went to the Jungle Planet with the other Autobots, taking Lori with her.

Official character text from packaging... 
Long-time champion and leader of the Speed Planet, OVERRIDE is always ready for a race. Acceleration is her only ideal, but she respects anyone with the guts to challenge her. She's faced and beaten thousands of upstart speedsters in her time. Though at first suspicious of the intentions HOT SHOT and the AUTOBOTS have for her world's Cyber Planet Key, OVERRIDE is only too glad to help once she realizes what's at stake.

cyber key code: dy7p
It took a long time for Override to claim the title of Leader of the Speed Planet. When the Cybertronian explorers first landed on what would become Speed Planet, races were held to see who would be leader. Override pretended to be a male to enter the race and the entire planet was stunned when she won the race and revealed that she was a tough-as-nails female racecar! (in Japan, she still has to pretend to be a male character! :)

Speed Planet: The pure racing culture of the Speed Planet is about to change forever, as it becomes the first battleground in the war for the lost Planet Keys, ancient artifacts missing for eons on the lost colonies.  In order to save Cybertron Optimus Prime sends Hot Shot and Red Alert to face the untold dangers of this lost planet and an army of Decepticons, who seek the planet keys for their own evil ends.  

The speed planet is a tangled mass of roads, trails and aerial race tracks, ruled by the dazzlingly fast Override.  For millions of years, the inhabitants of the Speed Planet have been devoted to the pursuit of perfect acceleration, tuning their vehicle forms for optimum horsepower, displacement and torque.  It is a turbo-charged world of cold air intakes, narrowed air flow profiles and stiff struts, where only the fastest survive, and the slow are left behind, grills choked with the dust of a thousand street battles.

SKILL: 8.5

Bibliography of significant appearances:
*Cybertron episode #5: Space - She's featured in an awesome race scene with Megatron their first, as she is revealed to be the Speed Planet Leader... A brilliant scene in an awesome show!
*Cybertron episode #6: Rush - Race with Megatron and Hot Shot.
*Cybertron episode #15: Detour - Rescued by Hot Shot.
*Cybertron episode #18: Champion - Loses Great Race; Joins Autobots.

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