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Transformers Generation 1 Override (Triggerbot)

Function: Scout
Motto: Let your actions do your talking and no one will misunderstand you.
Weapon: two particle beam cannons

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Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses description taken from The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye, comic series published by Dreamwave Comics in 2003.

Bio: Those who have met Override would never guess that he functions primarily as a scout. Most scouts are laconic, introspective sorts who surreptitiously gather information and return to base. Not Override. He lives his life as loudly as possible, and he's not ashamed to let everyone know about it -including Decepticons. He roars into enemy camps with guns firing, picking up his reconnaissance information on the go as he rips through his enemies and back to his comrades. He specializes in gathering information in battle zones, where the classic traits of a scout aren't as necessary as the courage and brazen attitude that Override exudes. He's even taken steps to disable hs muffler to make his engine in motorcycle mode as loud as possible; he want the Decepticons to know he's coming.

Weapons/Abilities: Subject has above-average intelligence and resistance to damage. His windshield in motorcycle mode is reinforcet to withstand direct attacks, which helps protect him during his missions. His is armed with two particle beam cannons that are usable in both modes. In motorcycle mode, they can double as boosters, increasing his speed by a factor of three.

Weaknesses: Subject is difficult to damage but is not particularly fast. His tendency to announce his presence puts him in great danger.

Bibliography of significant appearances: Dogfight and the Triggerbots make several appearances in the G1 Transformers comic series published by Marvel comics in the late 1980's.

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