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Transformers Armada Space Team (Sky Blast, Payload, Astroscope)

Motto: "The vacuum of space is our domain."

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Space Team (Sky Blast, Payload, Astroscope):

The adventurous SPACE MINI-CON TEAM specializes in cosmic operations and has accomplished many great exploration and technological feats in air and space. Extreme operational conditions require that they be highly trained, highly durable, and totally reliable; which they accomplish with enthusiastic precision. When joined together ASTROSCOPE, PAYLOAD, and SKY BLAST form the powerful and ever so devastating weapon REQUIEM BLASTER.

Strength:  7.0
Intelligence:  7.0
Speed:  9.0
Endurance:  9.0
Rank:  7.0
Courage:  7.0
Firepower:  10.0
Skill: 8.0

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Other toy appearances (Sky Blast):

* Sky Blast also known as: Skyblast

Other toy appearances (Payload):

Other toy appearances (Astroscope):

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