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Transformers Armada Airazor w/ Nightscream

Motto: "Only conviction can defeat corruption."

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Bio: Airazor is a professional in every sense of the word. She doesn't waste words or time, always opting to demonstrate her beliefs with action. Airazor's action-oriented behavior and work focused attitude may make her seem cold to some, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, Airazor is merely taking the steps she feels are necessary to fight the evil she sees in the Decepticons; nothing could be more important to her than battling to save innocents from suffering. Airazor uses her professionalism as her shield, protecting the deep well of compassion within. After her tragic demise and resurrection as one of Unicron's Heralds, it remains to be seen how much of Airazor's true nature lingers.

Weapons and Abilities:  In robot mode and alternate mode, Subject is capable of jet-propelled flight.  In robot mode, Subject's top speed is 250 mph; alternate mode top speed is 500 mph. Subject has excellent visual acuity for targeting her multiple laser cannons.

Weaknesses:  Subject has below-average strength, and her wings are easily damaged. 



Allegiance: Mini-con

First Cartoon Appearance: none
First Comics Appearance: none

"I hate the sound of silence."

Bio:  Nightscream is loud, undisciplined, and unprofessional, the complete opposite of his Autobot partner, Airazor.  He yells at the loudest volume possible, scoffs at direct orders from authority figures, and generally makes himself a nuisance to most of the older, more serious-minded Autobots he works with. Although Nightscream tends to enjoy making things difficult for Airazor, his devotion to his more mature partner is unquestionable. Nightscream never says it, but it's obvious to all those who see him snap to attention when Airazor is threatened.  Following Airazor's transformation at the hands of Unicron, a despondent Nightscream has vowed to find some way to bring his partner back.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject transforms into an Energon-powered racecar that can reach speeds of up to 190 mph. In his vehicle mode, he can emit a high-pitched tone that can deafen or even physically damage targets in its mile range; the effect is stronger the faster subject drives.

Weaknesses:  Subject's sonic attack is difficult to target and can damage friendly Autobots and Mini-Cons by accident.


It's interesting to note, that it seems that Airazor was originally going to be re-released as a Decepticon!? See this link to see a picture of her back panel where clearly and deliberately molded in the plastic is that of a Decepticon.  Perhaps this can be thought of as a 'branding' that took place.  A sort of 'tatoo' bestowed upon Airazor after her abduction and subjugation by Unicron?

The "Bio, Weapons and Abilities, Weaknesses"... text below  is taken from the awesome Dreamwave comic, TF: Armada, More Than Meets the Eye. W/ its other great original character art, we recommend you buy yourself a copy today!

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