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Transformers Armada Nemesis Prime w/ Run-Over

Motto: "Nemesis Prime, destroy!"

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Bio: A powerful mechanical creature of unknown origin, Nemesis Prime was a seemingly mindless automaton that once battled the Autobots and Decepticons on a barren, lifeless world. Utilizing a passive surface mind probe, the Transformers were surreptitiously scanned for latent mental images of the being that they each considered the most powerful and respected. That being was Optimus Prime, and it was the Autobot leader's body that the creature modeled itself after. Referring to itself as Nemesis Prime, the monster was a single-minded engine of annihilation possessing limited intelligence but incredible destructive abilities. Apparently manipulated by the turncoat Sidew<\ys, it is not clear if the creature was entirely created by him and Unicron, or if they were simply manipulating a pre-existing sentient entity for their own dark ends.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject has strength equal to that of Optimus Prime even when operating at only average levels of power; it can also enhance its strength even further, although the upper limits of this ability are unknown. It can also manipulate its physical form, metamorphosing itself to suit its combat needs. This can range from simply extending its own limbs, growing larger, or even completely restructuring its physical form to resemble whatever it chooses. In addition, Subject has extensive regenerative abilities, allowing it to reassemble itself even after loss of limbs or other catastrophic physical damage. The full range of its offensive capabilities is unknown, but Subject was seen to wield a sword composed of dark energy as well as fire laser blasts from its arm-mounted cannons.

Weaknesses: Subject did not show any intelligence outside of very basic speech. By all survivor accounts of the incident, aggression and hostility were the creature's only noted personality traits.



Allegiance: Unknown
"Run-Over, attack!"

First Cartoon Appearance: none
First Comics Appearance: none other than TF: Armada MTMTE

Bio:  Run-Over was also created when Nemesis Prime was first encountered. Glimpsed only briefly, Run-Over was a semi-autonomous piece of the Nemesis Prime construct. As Nemesis Prime was formed to resemble ~, so Run-Over was formed to resemble Prime's occasional Mini-Con partner, Over-Run. It is possible that Over-Run was chosen as a template because of his significance to Unicron, but this is only conjecture. Much like Nemesis Prime, Run-Over did not show any extensive sentient intelligence, although there is no way to prove that this was indicative of its overall cognitive abilities. Although the main construct was apparently destroyed, the participants of the battle were less sure about what became of the fragment calling itself Run-Over. If Run-Over survived and was able to re-form the rest of itself, it is possible that the galaxy has not heard the last of the creature known as Nemesis Prime.

Weapons and Abilities:  Subject was a physical exact duplicate of the Mini-Con Over-Run, possessing a similar transformation mode and strength level.  Like Nemesis Prime, Subject could increase its size and strength levels at will. It also had extensive regenerative abilities, allowing itself to heal from almost any physical wound.

Weaknesses: The apparent low level of intelligence possessed by Subject may have prevented it from being very innovative with its combat techniques.

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