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The following text is an excerpt from the official Beast Wars Story Bible, written by Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio. It's from a draft of Dec. 1995, before the first show aired...

Name: AIR RAZOR, Air Combat and Reconnaissance
Beast Form: A Large Falcon
Robotic Form: Silver Humanoid
Weaponry: Talon Gun(handheld maser), Sonic Screech (Delivered thru mouth), Shoulder Razors (pop out blades capable of cutting thru tironium). Interests/Hobbies: Botany, Ancient Civilizations

Attitude: Air Razor went on-line with the help of Rhinox who saved her spark from extinction (as depicted in Show #16 "The Spark"). Rhinox's action caused a part of his knowledge and experience to be mingled with Air Razor's programming and created something of a psychic link between the two. How this will affect her development as a character will be explored in later episodes.

Air Razor is not certain of her true identity or what her part is in the Beast Wars. Life is new to her and in some sense she is like a child, eager to learn as much as she can about herself and the world she was born into (though she should NOT be played as child-like). She is curious about everything though her curiosity is tempered by a sense of caution.

She is not overly fond of battle, yet is a powerful force when engaging an enemy. Like the predator whose form she takes, she moves quickly and decisively whenever there is a need. She also has a great longing to see Cybertron, a world she knows only from the knowledge programmed into her.

Nevertheless, like Tigatron she is comfortable with her present "home", more so than the other Maximals.

Air Razor is also very practical and very courageous and will spring to the defense of any Maximal without a moment's hesitation. She should be played as a capable woman, with a touch of shyness.


Rhinox is like a big brother to Air Razor. She shares some of his interests and skills and at times has a kind of psychic link to him. She is very comfortable in his presence and though it is unspoken, she counts on him to help her learn who she truly is.

Tigatron is her best friend among the Maximals. Since he too was "born" on Earth, they share a certain love for the natural terrain in which they function. She is not quite as mystical as Tigatron in this, nevertheless they are kindred spirits and are fond of working together. Likewise Tigatron is more comfortable with her than any of the other Maximals.

Optimus is something of a mentor to her, though in truth she is somewhat in awe of his leadership ability and tends to see him mainly as her commander. He is quite fond of her, though he doesn't quite understand her angst over her identity.

She is not as suspicious of DinoBot as the other Maximals, but is not very fond of him. His savagery and lust for combat appalls her and she trends to stay away from him. He sees her only as a strategic asset and the too are not great friends.

Cheetor's playfulness and enthusiasm delight Air Razor but she does not appreciate his tendency to rush into things and is something like a disapproving big sister to him at times. She also possesses a certain aversion to his beast form quite natural for a bird) and does not like to be close to him when he is in this form. He thinks she is the cat's meow and is a little disappointed that they are not closer friends.

Rattrap is an enigma to her. She senses something noble and heroic about him yet at the same time is confused by his sarcastic attitude. On the other hand she admires his strong sense of self and feels there is much he can teach her. After Tigatron, he is the one she is most comfortable working with. Rattrap likes her quite a bit but will never admit it freely. He sometimes goes a little overboard in trying to teach her the "right" attitude.

She, like Tigatron, has an innate hatred of Predacons, though she is not quite so fierce in this as the tiger.

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