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Transformers Generation 1 Cyclonus

Function: Saboteur
Motto: Compassion is the Autobots' downfall.
Alt mode: Space Jet

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Profile: Cyclonus is a huge and emotionless air-warrior reprogrammed and rebuilt from parts of dead Decepticons by Unicron. Like Galvatron, he derives vast resources of power and energy through Unicron and so can draw on strength in direct proportion to its need -always being able to become stronger than his opponents because of his access to the infinite reservoir of power that Unicron wields. A dedicated destructor, Cyclonus transforms into a multi-engine jet fighter, augmented by an incendiary bomb attack. Upon his creation he had little personality and no interests other than conquests for the sake of Unicron.  However, he is also similiar to Galvatron in that everything changed for him after the events of TF movie. Cyclonus personality began to shine through becoming the Decepticon's second in command.  Cyclonus became a Decepticon of compassion and honor, reveling in opportunities to combat "worthy foes."  While dedicated to the Decepticon cause he must spend much of his time as the liason between Galvatron and the Decepticon ranks; a task he does not enjoy but does for the sake of the Decepticon empire he hopes to restore.

Abilities: In jet fighter mode, Cyclonus is equipped with nuclear-powered turbine engines which enable him to reach speeds greater than Mach 2. In robot mode, he carries an oxidating laser that fuses an enemy robot's internal mechanisms.  Cyclonus is capable of an additional transformation, trimming his wings and tail back to assume a space-worthy rocket mode for interstellar pursuit and warfare.

Weaknesses: Prior to Unicron's demise, Cyclonus had no weaknesses.  After, however, he remains a powerful opponent and force to be reckoned with in either jet or robot mode.  However his loyalty to Galvatron and willingness to follow him (often) blindly, often puts him in less than ideal tactical situations.

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