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Transformers Bot Shots Stunticons: Motorbreath, Dead End, Dragstrip, Brake-Neck, Breakdown


Stunticons: Motorbreath, Dead End, Dragstrip, Brake-Neck, Breakdown in other sections:

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Stunticons: Motorbreath, Dead End, Dragstrip, Brake-Neck, Breakdown:

Crash and bash your way to victory in the TRANSFORMERS BOT SHOTS Battle Game! This STUNTICONS pack has 5 BOT SHOTS vehicles that serve the DECEPTICON cause however they can. Will your MOTORBREATH vehicle convert to robot mode and make you the winner? Or will you send your DECEPTICON DRAGSTRIP or BREAKDOWN vehicles into the fray? Practice with your own vehicles, then take on your friends. Crash and bash your way to BOT SHOTS victory!

STUNTICONS Pack includes 5 Series 2 BOT SHOTS vehicles! Includes MOTORBREATH, DEAD END, DECEPTICON DRAGSTRIP, BRAKE-NECK and BREAKDOWN vehicles. Choose a power for one of these vehicles, then crash into battle with another. Two ways to win when you crash your vehicles together! If your vehicle converts to robot mode when your opponent’s doesn’t, you’re the winner! If both of your vehicles convert, the vehicle with the highest power wins! Blaster beats Fist, Fist beats Sword and Sword beats Blaster. If neither vehicle converts, crash them all over again!

Includes 5 vehicles and instructions.

Other toy appearances (Motorbreath):

* Motorbreath also known as: Motormaster, The Motor Master

Other toy appearances (Dead End):

Other toy appearances (Dragstrip):

* Dragstrip also known as: Drag Strip

Other toy appearances (Brake-Neck):

* Brake-Neck also known as: Wildrider

Other toy appearances (Breakdown):

* Breakdown also known as: Brakedown

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