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To our delight, earlier today we became the lucky recipients of an advance copy of Transformers Prime episodes 1-2 on DVD! Expect our in-depth report soon.  In the meantime, our first impressions:

This series is a dark, high-budget animated version of the live act

ion films, without the influence of Michael Bay or the time limits of being single feature film.  Transformers characters have personality, in a plot intentionally integrated with pre-existing continuity. --and oh, by the way, FRANK WELKER is BACK!!!!!


I can hardly describe how incredibly cool this new series is. It's wildly epic! borrowing and (if I do say myself) besting the cinematic quality of the live action movies! We've all seen how great the character designs are, the voice acting is stellar, the action is movie stile intense and  high paced, the fluidity of the animation particularly in action sequences (more than likely utilizing motion capture) is really impressive. More than anything, being a bit of an audiophile, my focus was immediately honed in on the phenomenal sound. The orchestral soundtrack is movie quality epic, and the sound effects are more rich, diverse, and engaging than even the live action movies.

All in all, this is clearly the highest quality Transformers series ever produced. The characters are rich and intriguing (Transformers and humans alike) even within the first two episodes (first two parts of the 5 part series premiere). This sneak peek of the first two episodes have left us dumfounded with awesomeness and drooling for more. Transformers: Prime is an absolute undeniable win for Hasbro, Discovery, and the Transformers brand.