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Unicron.com: Can we expect to see the Power Core Combiner toy characters in any other Transformers media type, ie: comic, webisode, TV, novel... or are they intended/designed to be a 'stand alone' line?
Hasbro: There is a great potential for the Power-core story to be told beyond the toy execution in a larger way.  We know what they are and how they would fit the larger continuity, however there are no plans in the near future to have this in other formats.
Unicron.com: We are totally psyched about War for Cybertron toys! Can fans expect that the "line" expand beyond the 4 game characters announced thus far? Will figures be released before, after or during the time of the video game release?  --We would love to see a picture of the War for Cybertron Megatron figure with his cannon on in robot mode!

If you're unwilling/able to speek to that at this time how about: Are you still planning on producing Animated Rodimus and Hydro-dive Bumblebee? (in 2010?)
Hasbro: First part of your question, yes, we will be expanding the line of War for Cybertron figures past just the four that have been announced thus far. As for release dates, they will be made available at the release of the video game and then waved in throughout the rest of the year.

Second part: The current plan for the release of the current Animated figures is this:  Toys R' Us will be carrying two waves of Animated Deluxe.  The first wave will be released this Spring and will include Arcee and Cybertronian Ratchet.  The second wave will be released this fall and will include Rodimus Minor and Cybertronian Ironhide.  While we cannot promise that any other figures will be released, we continue to examine all of our options to make those figures that were completed available to you.