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Unicron.com Question 1: We love Transformers Exodus and War for Cybertron.  (More toys please! and not *just* recolors, tho they're fine too for this series!)  Through them, it seems the goals of Hasbro have become more 'in sync' with our own personal wishes to see each new incarnation of Transformers be not just a re-boot of the brand, but a new chapter in the fictional history of Transformers mythology.  Can you please talk about this new philosophy in brand development and how you might continue it with TF: Prime, new books/toys, etc.  (Please feel free to get IDW on board w/ this philosophy too, BTW...)

Hasbro: The simple answer is that Hasbro is trying have fewer versions of the brand overall.  To do that we had to revisit ALL that has come before and do two things, 1) Keep the best elements or assets of the brand and present them in a modern way through story and entertainment like video games, and 2) make an effort to explore and explain elements of the brand that are not very understood, such as the Original 13, the vast universe of planets with Transformers life on them, as well as deeper back story connections between main characters as seen in Exodus between Optimus Prime and Megatron.
Unicron.com Question 2: We think that the Human Alliance toys are among the best of the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toy line. We love that Movie Jazz has made a reappearance, but it seems like Human Alliance Mudflap was skipped over all together. He has had an unfortunately scarce distribution, and is thus extremely hard to find. You can, however, buy a new one from sellers on Amazon.com for a mere $114.95. Are there any plans to release Human Alliance Mudflap in the Hunt for the Decepticons or later toy lines (as Bumblebee was), or could his ROTF packaged version possibly see a more distribution through HasbroToyShop.com and/or other online vendors?
Hasbro: As we have mentioned in previous Q&A sessions, we do not have any plans at this point in time to re-release Human Alliance Mudflap.