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SCATTORSHOT has proven himself a hero during the campaign on Earth, and his newfound confidence manifests itself in his redesigned robot and vehicle modes. He is perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions he will find on CYBERTRON. Its surface is cracked and tossed into jagged rubble by the horrible gravity of the black hole, and it is infested with dangerous TERRORCONS, mutant robots programmed only for destruction. SCATTORSHOT still worries about bad luck, but he now believes that enough firepower can overcome even all the bad luck in the universe.

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* Scattorshot also known as: Scattershot

• Universe Legends Special Team Leaders 5-pack (Target exclusive - Razorclaw, Scattorshot, Silverbolt, Hun-Gurrr, and Autobot Hot Zone) (2008)
• Movie ROTF Scattorshot (2010)

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