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Transformers Armada Cheetor w/ Cliffjumper

Motto: "Some cats roar -I just pounce."

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Bio: Cool and smooth, Cheetor is the ultimate cocky cat. He's got a sly grin and short answer for every situation, frequently infuriating others with his smug attitude and mean quips. Despite Cheetor's overconfidence, his comrades can't complain too much; his success rate on missions is impressive even to pros like Airazor. Although he's always playing it low-key, Cheetor does love the adoration of those who follow his exploits as a top super-spy and warrior. In the first battle with Unicron, Cheetor was part of a group that was absorbed and reformatted for evil purposes. It seems that the only thing left of the smooth-talking but devoted Autobot is his arrogance, twisted -~ now to serve the will of Unicron. ...

Weapons and Abilities:  In robot mode, Subject possesses above-average strength and endurance, as well as lightning-fast reflexes. In animal mode, he can achieve a ground speed of 140 mph; he can boost this with his side-mounted jets, which also allow him flight with a range of 1,000 miles. He is an excellent spy and covert agent. 

Weaknesses:  It might be based on skill, but Subject's impudent pride is his greatest shortcoming.



Allegiance: Mini-con

First Cartoon Appearance: none
First Comics Appearance: none

"Reading is more of a thrill than punching."

Bio: Rareiy has a Mini-Con been so mismatched with an Autobot partner.  While Cheetor is a sleek, arrogant thrillseeker, Cliffjumper is a withdrawn, quiet type who craves an end to the war so she can return to a life of scientific research. Not blind to the irony of her name, Cheetor often teased Cliffjumper about her deceptively exciting-sounding moniker. This joking only served to make Cliffjumper, a faithful but combatphobic Autobot, feel worse about ~her role. Once Cheetor was taken by Unicron, Cliffjumper couldn't help but feel relieved; this relief was followed by guilt about the situation and her reaction to it.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject is highly intelligent and specializes in geological sciences.  However, she is not particularly strong or coordinated. In vehicle mode, Subject can reach speeds of up to 65 mph, and her tow cable can be used to tow objects or vehicles.

Weaknesses:   Subject's towing ability is limited by her low strength; she is susceptible to mechanical breakdowns if forced to drive too roughly.

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