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Transformers Armada Emergency Team (Prowl, Firebot, and Makeshift)


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Emergency Team (Prowl, Firebot, and Makeshift):

"If it exists, I'll find it."

Bio: Prowl specializes in the "search" part of the Emergency Team's search and rescue missions. After a battle, it's his job to locate any Transformers or human casualties that need assistance, and he loves it. Like the rest of the team, Prowl gets a tremendous kick out of helping others, but he's especially fond of using his skills to locate what others might miss.  When he finds something that his friends overlooked, Prowl doesn't hesitate to point out that he's more adept than his teammates at noticing details. In fact, he's slightly vain overall about how useful his detective abilities are, but that's just because he fancies himself an expert investigator and wants others to agree.  He spends his free time perusing Earth's pulp crime novels and imagining himself solving great mysteries.

Weapons and Abilities:  Subject has great intelligence and analytical abilities. His ability to notice insignificant clues helps make him a competent detective; additionally, Subject is able to process 30% more detail through his optic sensors than most Mini-Cons. His other senses are all incredibly acute, plus he has a short-range radar system that is accurate at distances up to 100 feet. In addition to his vehicle mode, he can also transform into a weapon mode.

Weaknesses:  Subject's radar array is susceptible to combat damage, making it inoperative until repairs are made. His slight arrogance makes him unwilling to question his own judgment.



"Where there's smoke, there's me!"


Bio:  Although the two Mini-Cons under his command in the Emergency Team are efficient and competent, it's Firebot's incredible enthusiasm for his work that helps bind them together and make them so highly regarded among their comrades. Firebot doesn't stop until the job is done and everyone is safe, and he makes sure that nobody else quits before then either. His leadership is sometimes friendly and sometimes stern, but it's always effective and appreciated by those he helps save. As quick with a joke as he is with an order, Firebot parties almost as hard as he works. He's also got a reputation as a bit of a brawler; and he's the most likely of the team to jump into actual combat.

Weapons and Abilities:  Subject has great strength and endurance, as well as above-average intelligence. In his vehicle mode, he has all of the functions of a standard Earth fire truck, including a ladder and high-pressure water sprayer. He can also convert into a weapon mode.

Weaknesses: Subject has no outstanding physical weaknesses.


MAKESHIFT - the white, black and blue helicopter.
"When the battle is over, our job begins."


BIO:  Makeshift is one of the most selfless MiniCons that ever was, desiring nothing for his good deeds aside from the knowledge that he's helped someone. Even his compassionate friends in the Emergency Team are impressed by the nobility and overwhelmingly altruistic nature displayed by Makeshift. His off-duty hours are spent poring over new lifesaving techniques and ways to help improve his skills for the sake of others. Makeshift's lack of concern for himself makes him courageous and surprisingly self-assured, and he's well known for coming up with spontaneous and intricate plans during dangerous situations.


Weapons and Abilities: Subject has above-average strength and endurance, and great intelligence. He has a complete knowledge of mechanical and human physiology, as well as numerous other galactic races. I addition to his vehicle mode transformation, he can also convert into a weapon mode

Weaknesses: Direct combat is not Subject's specialty; although he'll fight if absolutely necessary, he prefers not to inflict harm on other living beings.


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• Universe Mini-Con Class 12-pack (KMart exclusive - Backstop, Blight, Bodyblock, Boltflash, Brimstone, Cloudraker, Flatfoot, Heavytread, Knockdown, Makeshift, Skyhammer, Suppressor) (2008)

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