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The Beast Wars are over & the Maximals "have lost!"  Beast Machines had everything we loved about B. Wars, & then some!  The stories (especially first season) left us hangin' w/ so many questions & so few answers!  They included Mainframe's outstanding visual/sound effects & stories written w/ continuity emphasizing the best part, transforming!

Like other episode guides of Unicron.com we'll include a 'grade' system of plot w/ the scale of: excellent, good, okay, bad, terrible.  No animation grade is given per episode because in general they're all excellent! For more info about the show you can also visit Bob (the story editor) Skir's page.

episode 1. The Reformatting by: Bob Skir and Marty Isenberg, first aired: 9/18/99  
The story begins,

in the middle of the story!  Under attack by unknown foes Optimus Primal finds some of his fellow Maximals (all of whom are in their original beast forms) led by a mysterious entity, the Oracle.  Being reformatted into new bodies, they still can't Transform and have many questions left unanswered.                                Excellent Plot
Master of the House by: Bob Skir and Marty Isenberg, first aired 9/25/99
A title with a dual meaning!  As the Maximals attempt to 'master' their new bodies, they learn a few small parts about what has happened to Cybertron since they returned.                                             Good Plot

3. Fires of the Past, by Marf Wolfman, first aired 10/2/99  The show starts with an awesome Maximal versus

Vehicon (drone) battle and leads to even better shoot-out featuring the Maximals versus Vehicon Generals: Jetstorm, Thrust and Tankorr - newly created by Megatron.  Slowly memories return...           Excellent Plot
Mercenary Pursuits by Michael Reaves first aired: 10/9/1999
Still unable to transform on his own, Rattrap discovers a counter-virus that helps him Transform - but once he starts, he can't stop.  This show also outlines some interesting dynamics between Megatron and his new generals.                       Good Plot
Forbidden Fruit by: Steven Melching, first aired: 10/16/1999  The Maximals discover Nightscream, a cybertronian in the form of a bat who cannot transform and a whole new set of questions arise about his origin and that of a fully organic tree which shouldn't exist on the mechanical world of Cybertron.  This show also introduces a recurring concept we weren't fond of: "devolving."  Supposedly the rapidly occurring opposite of evolving!     Okay plot
The Weak Component by: Rodney Gibbs, first aired: 10/23/99  Rattrap finally learns how to transform, only to discover his robot mode has no weapons. With nowhere else to turn for protection, he strikes a deal with Megatron.      Terrible Plot
Revelations, Part One: Discovery by:___ , first aired:10/30/1999  The Maximals discover a junkyard facility where the robot shells of the missing Transformers are stored. Meanwhile, Black Arachnia and Thrust discover a fatal attraction for one another.                                              Good Plot
Revelations, Part Two: Descent:
by: Marv Wolfman, first aired: 11/6/1999 Cheetor leads a dangerous mission to try and bring out Tankorr's old Maximal personality. In doing so, Rattrap discovers a major clue to the Maximals' missing memories.                                     Excellent Plot
Revelations, Part 3: Apocalypse!
by: Steve Melching, first aired: 11/13/99 Nightscream fights to retrieve Black Arachnia's spark from Jetstorm. While Cheetor and Rattrap tap into the memories of Tankor, Optimus is able to contact Rhinox's Spark, and makes an astounding revelation.                                    Excellent Plot
Survivor by: Brian C. Reaves, first aired: 11/20/99  Megatron sends his Generals and Diagnostic Drone into the catacombs of Cybertron to kidnap Nightscream and learn the secret behind his beast bode.  This episode features revalations of its own regarding the origin of Nightscream Cybertron itself.        Good Plot 
The Key by: Marv Wolfman, first aired: 11/27/1999  Using the Diagnostic Drone, Tankorr taps into the power of teh Oracle and uncovers the Key to VECTOR SIGMA with the power to turn organic material into cybernetic metal. Nightscream gets hit by the weapon and the Maximals race against time to save him from going off-line.        -off-the-charts AWESOME plot
The Catalyst by: Bob Skir and Marty Isenberg, first aired: 12/4/1999
Rattrap uncovers a catalyst program that speeds up the growth of Cybertron's newfound techno-organic plant life. Meanwhile, Black Arachnia discovers the
truth about Thrust's Spark.       Excellent Plot
End of the Line by:___________ first aired: 12/11/1999
Having investigated the apparent demise of Tankor, Megatron arms each of the tank trones with Keys to VECTOR SIGMA and prepares a doomsday weapon that can wipe out everything organic on Cybertron - including the Maximals. Meanwhile, with the help of a false Oracle vision received because of Tankor's tampering, Optimus discovers his own doomsday weapon, the Plasma Energy Chamber!           Excellent Plot

While Canadian fans got to see both seasons at once, those in the U.S. saw the first 13 episodes in 13 consecutive weeks, then had to wait ~9 months before the second season aired with re-runs running throughout the 99-00-01 seasons.


14. Fallout by:____________
Having simultaneously activated thousands of Vector Sigma Keys & the Plasma Energy Chamber, everything on Cybertron (but the Maximals) is at a standstill.  A plot w/out conflict or resolution, Optimus faces Oracle/ Matrix, an act which seems hold no ramifications.                                 Terrible Plot
Savage Noble by:____________
Trying to recruit Thrust and Jetstorm, the Maximals discover a new organic being on Cybertron who turns out to be quite mysterious character.                       Good Plot
Prometheus Unbound by:________
The Maximals attempt to infiltrate Megatron's former fortress, only to have their mission threatened by their supposed new ally!                                       Excellent Plot
In Darkest Knight by:__________
Black Arachnia finally revives Silverbolt... but is he glad to be reawakened?   Okay Plot
A Wolf In The Fold by:_________
Defending themselves against Megatron, the Maximals face their most dangerous enemies -- each other!                  Terrible Plot
Home Soil by:____________
A seemingly empty spaceship crashes onto Cybertron, unleashing a dangerous new entity, Botanica a being w/ a ~pesudo robot form and that of a mobile "sentient plant."                                                Okay plot 
Sparkwar, Part 1: The Strike by:____________ With Thrust severely outnumbered, Megatron creates a new set of Generals, Obsidian and Stryka who are not exactly as they appear!       Excellent Plot
Sparkwar, Part 2: The Search
by:____________ Desperate to thwart Megatron, the Maximals search for the missing Sparks.                                 Okay Plot
Sparkwar, Part 3: The Siege by:____________ Having discovered the location of the missing Sparks, the Maximals race against time to stop Megatron from achieving his ultimate ascension.  Great ending Maximal vs. Megatron battle.  In this episode a Maximal dies!                 Good  Plot
Spark Of Darkness by:________
Believing Megatron is defeated, the Maximals try to figure out 'what's next?'  Their efforts and attempts are thwarted by a series of seemingly possessed bots and drones.                                                Okay Plot
Endgame, Part 1: The Downward Spiral by:____________ Optimus & other Maximals defends Megatron's old fortress/ head against Vehicon attack to defend the remaining sparks.  Meanwhile, SB, BA & NS go on the offense against Megatron, now in a slighly less formidable body!       Okay Plot
Endgame, Part 2: When Legends Fall by:____________ Out-gunned and outnumbered, the Maximals make a final stand in some excellent fight scenes in a desperate attempt to keep the remaining Sparks out of Megatron's control. Good Plot
Endgame, Part 3: The Seeds Of The Future by:____________
Features a long (awesome) Optimus Primal versus Megatron battle, who is now in a "new" recycled body.  As the conclusion to all of of Beast Machines, this story is quite controversial among many of the 'die-hard' Transformers fans.                              Bad Plot

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