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The third and final season of Beast Wars held many new surprises and conclusions of its own.  It featured the introductions of some very popular characters like Optimal Optimus, Depth Charge, Transmetal 2 Dninobot and Megatron and pulled together many loose ends from the intricate plot lines that have been woven over the previous years.  Like season 2, it consisted of 13 episodes that executive story editors/authors Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio took full advantage of!

Listed below, you'll find a plot summary and comments about the third and final season.  With each episode and plot summary we also give a plot grade, given in our own humble opinions, with the following scale: Excellent, good, okay, bad, terrible.  Some of the text from the plot summaries are taken from the web site of BMachines story editor Bob Skir.

40. Optimal Situation:
Faced with the extinction of the Maximals, Predacons and the entire timestream from which they all came, Optimus Primal must take a bold step to restore what Megatron has tried to destroy. 
Plot: Excellent

41. Deep Metal: 
The Beast Wars dives underwater as the new Maximal Depth Charge arrives on the planet.  Although he wouldn’t exactly win a popularity contest, he is hightly motivated! This ep features a great Rampage vs. D.C. fight scene and gives further insight into character origins and motivations before the Axalon’s fateful crash on pre-historic Earth.
Plot: Good

42. Changing Of The Guard: 
The Maximals try to salvage Sentinel from their old base, now in ruins underwater. Features more great underwater scenes/ battles and a surprise outcome.
Plot: Good

43. Cutting Edge:
The Maximals discover a terrified tribe of Neanderthals is threatened by long extinct Raptors.                                              
Plot: Good

44. Feral Scream, Part One: 
Trying to shift the balance of power Megatron creates a surprising new ally. As a “clone” of the oritingal Dinobot, the Transmetal 2 version is an interesting new addition to the Beast Wars.            
Plot: Good

45. Feral Scream, Part Two: 
The Maximals are threatened by an eerie monster which seems wild and ouy of control.
plot: Okay

46. Proving Grounds: 
Blackarachnia decides to leave the Maximals, but is drawn into a brutal running battle with the new Dinobot.   Provides interesting insight into the motivations of BA, however it seems slightly contradictory to the actions she’ll take two episodes later!
plot: Good 

47. Go With The Flow: 
Megatron's newest weapon needs a non- Cybertronian to complete construction. 
Plot: Bad

This story is a ‘fill-in plot’ written to take the place of a story originally intended to be here.  “Dark Glass” was supposed to have been a story where Dinobot’s conscience, having been downloaded into the Axalon’s computers way back in the season 2 episode, Bad Spark, is discovered by Rattrap. Disobeying Primals orders, Rattrap uploads the information into Dinobot’s clone, the Transmetal 2 version.  This clone, becomes an amazing ‘split-personality,’ an amalgam of original Dinobot’s DNA and conscienceness, and the severed spark of Rampage.  It’s important to note that these events did take place even if the show was never made, because it plays an important role in the series finale episodes.  The story was veto’ed by Hasbro who ordered that it not be made because they felt its themes were too ‘adult’ and dark. (Hard to argue with that!)

48. Crossing the Rubicon: 
Blackarachnia agrees to undergo a dangerous procedure, which will revert her back into her “true Maximal self.”  It's a 'risky surgery performed by Rhinox that could restore her or knock her off line forever!  Megatron and the predacons attempt to disrupt the process!                         Plot: Okay

49. Master Blaster: 
Megatron takes control of Optimal Optimus and prepares to end the Beast Wars in one devastating stroke.   In this episode we get to go back aboard the Ark, viewing more G1 TF's and learn more of the intents and motivations of Megatron and Tarantulus. 
                                          Plot: Excellent 
50. Other Victories: 
By means of an interesting amalgam of the sparks of Tigatron and Airazor, the Aliens return and reveal themselves as the Vok! Taking the form of a powerful godlike Fuzor named Tigerhawk, their intent is to end their "experiment" and complete the work left undone in the season 1 finale.    Plot: Excellent

51. Nemesis, Part One: 
With the Predacon base destroyed and heavily outnumbered by the Maximals, the Predacons seem near defeat.  But fully aware of where Tarantulas has been (all season) and what he’s been up to, Megatron turns the tide back to his favor and end the Beast Wars for good!                      Plot: Excellent

52. Nemesis, Part Two: 
This, the final episode of these fantastic shows, features many surprises, a death, outstanding fight scenes and a climactic conclusion to the Beast Wars; a bitter sweet end to an outstanding series. Plot: Excellent