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Transformers Beast Wars Stinkbomb (Transmetal 2)

Function: Psychological Warfare
Motto: "Nine-tenths of the battle is fought within the imagination."

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Stinkbomb (Transmetal 2):

A Strategic specialist, Stinkbomb is fascinated with the study of Predaconial psychology. Understands the power-driven Predacon mindset and delights in manipulating it to Maximal advantage. Once taunted for his unpleasant odor, Stinkbomb's sharp wit, cunning tactics and dangerous intelligence quickly earned the respect of his colleagues. Regarded by Optimal Optimus as a valued advisor and fierce warrior. Relies on serrated tail for close range combat. Photon emitters in optical sensors project hypnotic light spectrum capable of lulling enemies. Foul chemical spray causes temporary paralysis -nasty odor remains for weeks unless victim bathes in tomato juice.
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