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Here we will provde a plot summary and comments about some of the most popular Transformers shows ever to grace our televisions!  Unlike the summaries we give for the G1 TF shows on other sections of unicron.com, here we'll only provide our 'grade' for the episode's plot, as the animation in the series is very consistent from episode to episode.  That is, we think it's all pretty outstanding!
Our Plot Grading Scale:
Excellent, good, okay, bad, terrible

The second season of Beast Wars is, by farmy favorite season of any Transformers cartoons ever.  It consisted of only 13 episodes but the authors, Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio made every one count!  Here they are:  (Much, but not all of these plot summaries are taken from the web site ofBeast Machines story editor Bob Skir.)  

27 - Aftermath:
Following the trans-warp explosion which destroyed the alien moon, the Maximals and Predacons find themselves with new forms: Transmetal.  They struggle to cope with the loss of their leader Optimus Primal
                                                       plot: excellent

28 - Coming of the Fuzors, Part One:
Strange new "Fuzors" Quickstrike and Silverbolt emerge from damaged stasis pods and are recruited by Megatron. Meanwhile, Rhinox embarks on a extrordinary journey into trans-warp space, "where all are one!"
                                                      plot: excellent

29 - Coming of the Fuzors, Part Two:
As the Maximals are almost wiped out, the fuzor Silverbolt has a crisis of identity.   In search of something quite interesting, Rhinox sends his spark into trans-warp space "the other side of the matrix! Where all are one!"
                                                            plot: good

30 - Tangled Web:
On a mission for Megatron, Tarantulas presents the other arachnids with a compelling proposal of treachery!  Excellent Quickstrike vs. Silverbold fight scene and for the first time, an attraction? develops  
                                                            plot: good

31 - Maximal No More:
Fed up with the Maximal philosophy, Dinobot comes to a difficult decision.   This episode is peppered with well written foreshadowing of  events to come in future episodes! (-The secrets of the Golden disk)
                                                            plot: good

32 - Other Visits, Part One:
The mysterious aliens return to the planet, and seemingly take Tigatron and Airazor hostage.   But Megatron is ready for them.  Meanwhile Optimus decides it's no more 'Mr. Nice Guy' and takes the Maximals on the offensive.  This episode features outstanding Max vs. Pred battle scenes.       plot: excellent

33 - Other Visits, Part Two:
Megatron tries to turn the power of the alien technology to his own ends.   Outstanding graphics highlight even more great fight scenes and by the time it's done, we're no closer to getting any real answers to the identity/secrets of the Aliens.         plot: good

34 - Bad Spark:
A mysterious discovery leads to a disaster and an unlikely team-up between Maximal and Predacon. Introduction of Protoform X the newest 'big soldier' to join the fray of the Beast Wars, RAMPAGE.           plot: excellent

35 - Code of Hero:
Dinobot's sense of honor forces him into the ultimate test. In this episode we start to realize the boundless potential of the Golden Disk and what an awesome power it is. IMHO Not only is this the best written, most tastefully done show of the season, it is for me the best chapter in Transformers history ever, I'd vote it even better than TF movie!
                        plot: of-the-charts, outstanding

36 - Transmutate:
A badly damaged stasis pod creates a creature that is neither Maximal nor Predacon and a strange almost love triangle results between Rampage and Silverbolt
                                                       plot: excellent

37 - The Agenda, Part One:
The transwarp wave passes through Cybertronian space, triggering a momentous decision.  First appearance of the Tri-predacus council.  Megatron is defeated                                         plot: excellent

38 - The Agenda, Part Two:
Disaster looms as Megatron reveals his hidden agenda to Ravage, convincing him of his most noble cause!                 plot: excellent

39 - The Agenda, Part Three:
Blackarachnia and Silverbolt's relationship continues to develop.  The information contained on the golden disk which Blackarachnia posses becomes terribly important.  We get a short TF history lesson and actually see many of the classic G1 Transformers, including the original Optimus Prime!  Megatron's evil manipulations threaten fabric of time the entire universe.
                             plot: off-the-charts excellent!