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Both the Maximals and the Predacons have adapted their crashed ships into command bases (which allows us to reuse the command areas of the ships created for the first episode.)  The command portion of the Maximal ship actually lodged between two mountain peaks, spanning a spectacular waterfall.   The Predacon ship crashed on the rock-spired slope of an Energon volcano, with bubbling pools of lava and lightning boiling just outside.

Both command centers are too badly damaged to fly, but they are still semi-operational, at least in their short-range scanners, weapons systems and regeneration facilities.  The command centers are too well-armed for a frontal attack by either side, although destruction or disablement of the other side's command center is a much-sought goal.

Though the interior of each command center still somewhat resembles its original spacecraft form, there are distinct differences now.  Jungle plants are growing in the Maximal center, and Rattrap's cubby is a cheerfully garbage-strewn mess.  The Predacon command center has a lightning-spewing lava pool in the center, and spires of stone spear through it in places.