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The Earth on which the Beast Wars are fought is a very different Earth than the one we know.  There are no cities, no villages, no people. It is a primal earth, pre-human and post dinosaur.  Most of the time it's familiar though much more spectacular than most of us can imagine. Unspoiled rainforests, glistening deserts, huge mountains, volcanic islands, etc.

However there are odd energy fields all over the planet, the result of Energon, not in cube form but pure crystals. These fields are what necessitates the Maximals and Predacons transformations. And they do more as well:  

Such as unusual landscape effects.  Lightning pools.  Tremendous storms.  A snow-capped mountain may occasionally explode, due to the instability of the hydrogen-oxygen bond in its vast Energon field.  If a mountain contains a rich lode of Energon crystals it may even break free and float through the sky like a Roger Dean album cover.

Then there is the communication problem. Energon plays havoc with transmissions. Although both Maximals and Predacons have built-in com-links, they are only good for a few hundred yards or so. This means if one of our heroes gets lost or trapped, calling for help can be quite difficult -- as can be finding him.

And then there are the ruins, and artifacts.  These things should not be there of course.  But they are. In the course of the series one side or another will discover these and reveal another mystery to be solved.