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The Beast Wars have begun.  To the victor goes all the resources of this primeval Earth, particularly the rare Energon energy crystals.  If the Maximals win this power source will be used for good.  If the Predacons win it will be their tool for the conquest of the universe.

This set-up gives us several story options to pursue, namely:

1) The constant quest and struggle for Energon crystals and revelation of exactly how the crystals work. 

2) The return of the Golden Disk. The Predacons have it, the Maximals want it.

3) The search for stasis pods.  The Maximals want them for reinforcements BUT if the Predacons find them first they can reprogram the occupants to be Predacons (which also gives us an easy way to introduce new characters on both sides). These pods will fall to earth at irregular intervals and such landings will create immediate races to get to the pod first.

4) The exploration of the planet which will eventually reveal that the planet is indeed Earth, but Earth in its pre-human, post-dinosaur stage.  Megatron has actually traveled back in time (so as not to have to deal with the pesky humans who helped the AutoBots against the Decepticons).  This in turn gives us more stakes to play for, if Megatron succeeds he may very well change the timeline and the world the Maximals know may cease to exist. 

5) The possible involvement of a third force, an alien race, which has some mysterious stake in the outcome of the Beast Wars.  This race may even be progenitors of the human race.

6) The possible return of the AutoBots and the Decepticons.

All in all this should provide enough scope to keep the series pumping through several seasons.