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1.  "Beast Wars -- Part One"

From out of a spectacular TransWarp wormhole a PREDACON ship emerges, roaring at top speed directly up to and past camera.  A beat, and then a MAXIMAL ship bursts from the same wormhole, in hot pursuit of the Predacon ship. The Maximal ship gains on the Predacon craft and the Predacons open fire without slackening their speed one iota. Both ships are obviously rivals in a race for some vital goal -- now revealed in a small blue-green planet far ahead.

The ships inflict heavy damage on each other even as theplanet rapidly grows closer.  The Predacon ship's drive systems are damaged, but with a final broadside, the Predacon ship manages to shatter the rear of the Maximal craft.  Stasis pods from the Maximal ship spiral away into space as both crippled spacecraft streak down in out-of control arcs toward the planet below.

Both ships crash dramatically in areas far distant from each other.  The Predacon ship crashes in a volcanic area; the Maximal ship crashes between two spectacular mountains.

Within each ship, we get tantalizing glimpses of the robotic occupants within.  Dialogue reveals that both have raced into the distant past to this prehistoric planet, as it has been discovered to be a source of natural Energon crystals. If enough can be recovered, the Predacons will have the power to conquer the galaxy.  The Maximals are determined to prevent this.

But there are problems for both sides.  The Predacons' scanners reveal that the natural Energon fields will damage their metalloid structure with long exposure.  They need powerful outer forms based on local fauna to prevent this. Scanner beams streak out, scanning insects and even buried fossils for data.

Aboard the Maximal ship, we see a tantalizing glimpse of the robotic OPTIMUS making a command decision.  With the majority of the Maximal crew lost and scattered in their stasis pods, the Maximals are seriously undermanned.  Until they can recover enough of their members to go head-to-head with the Predacons, the few available Maximals must go covert -- taking alternate forms based on suitable local animal life.  Scanner beams streak from the crashed command center, scanning a gorilla (and by accident, a bat hanging beside it), a cheetah, a rhino, and a large prehistoric jungle rat...

Meanwhile, at the Predacon base, the six Predacons are dramatically revealed in their animal form.  MEGATRON, the leader, has taken the form of an ominous T-Rex.  Along with him are SCORPINOK, TARANTULAS, DINOBOT, TERRORSAUR, and WASPINATOR.   There is already dissension in the ranks, however, as Dinobot attempts to wrest leadership from Megatron.  Megatron wins through clever treachery however, and Dinobot angrily splits off from the group.  Megatron is not concerned.  Their first order of business is to finish off any Maximal survivors.  Then the planet's natural Energon crystals can be recovered easily.

Back at the Predacon command center we are now dramatically presented with our heroes in animal form.  (OPTIMUS PRIMAL, CHEETOR, RATTRAP, and RHINOX.) They survey a world which is similar to Earth and yet dramatically different.  We learn that raw Energon crystals are naturally unstable and that in the future, most of them will have decomposed.   But here in the prehistoric past they are more abundant (if still rare) and their strange powers strongly affect the electromagnetic fields of the planet.  As a matter of fact, if enough raw crystals are present in a mountain, it may actually break loose and become airborne. 

But for now, our heroes are busy testing their new animal bodies.  Cheetor spots another pair of cheetahs and before Optimus can stop him has raced away to test his own speed against theirs.  Almost immediately he is out of radio range on this Energon-rich world and thus (in a scene quite similar to the one in the notes) Cheetor becomes the first to spot Waspinator on a scouting mission and impulsively transforms to robot mode, engaging Waspinator in battle. This brings the opposing parties from both sides and, in a series of spectacular shots, we see the Maximals and Predacons transform into their incredible heavily-armed robot form!  Both sides attack and a major battle takes place.  However, the five-to-four odds against our heroes -- coupled with Rattrap's refusal to obey a direct order from Optimus that Rattrap considers too dangerous -- results in the Maximals being driven back.  They manage to lose the Predacons and head back to their command center. 

But the command center is on the other side of a deep crevasse, across a natural stone bridge.  And there on the bridge, where there is only room for one to attack at a time, is DinoBot!  Dinobot demands a one-on-one showdown with Optimus -- the winner to become leader of the Maximals!


"Beast Wars -- Part Two" 

Dinobot faces the Maximals on the narrow stone bridge, challenging Optimus to a one-one-one to decide the leader of the Maximals.  Beside Optimus, both Rhinox and Cheetor push forward, declaring their willingness to battle the challenger instead.  But Optimus refuses.  He will not ask others to do anything he is not willing to do himself. Alone, he advances onto the bridge to meet Dinobot.

In a battle scene reminiscent of the famous duel between Robin Hood and Little John, Optimus and Dinobot transform into robot mode and go head-to-head on the narrow stone bridge.  The battle is skilled and exciting, with both adversaries gaining a grudging respect for the skills of the other.

But the sounds of battle attracts unwanted attention.  The Predacons, who were still searching for the Maximals, hear the noise.  Peering out from concealment some distance away, Megatron observes his enemy Optimus and the traitor Dinobot engaged in battle on the natural bridge.  This is too good an opportunity to miss.  He and the other Predacons transform into robot mode and launch a screaming salvo of missiles toward the two combatants.  The missiles streak for Optimus and Dinobot in wide line of destruction.  There are too many to destroy, and there is no place to run!

But at the last moment, Optimus spots the incoming missiles and acts with the courage of a true commander.  Instantly transforming to gorilla, he tackles the robotic Dinobot and carries them both right off the bridge, his prehensile ape toes grabbing the edge.  The flight of missiles streak through where they were.

Dangling upside down by his toes and still clinging to Dinobot, Optimus strains to save them both, even as the raging Megatron opens fire with lasers.  Dinobot is flabbergasted that Optimus refuses to drop him in order to save himself, instead hanging on grimly even as lasers blast around them until the other Maximals arrive through the firestorm to pull them up.  They all sprint for the safety of the far end of the bridge. 

They prepare to return fire -- but then something unexpected happens!  The flight of missiles that had missed Optimus and Dinobot had continued upward into the far distance -- and impacted on a high, distant mountaintop.  With a massive explosion, the top of the mountain is blasted to fragments, which fall away and reveal a gigantic crystal of raw Energon, power effects playing over its glowing surface!

Everyone is astounded, the battle for the moment forgotten. This changes the focus.  Such a crystal could give either side the power necessary to repair their spacecraft and defeat the other -- and in the Predacon case, a good start on conquering the galaxy as well.  It must be acquired!  But the crystal is too big for the flying creatures to carry, and it cannot be blasted into smaller fragments.  Raw Energon is extremely unstable -- a direct blast would cause it to explode with devastating effect.  They are only lucky the missiles which exposed it did not cause it to detonate themselves.

On either side of the crevasse, both parties start a frantic race for the distant mountain.  With some misgivings, Optimus permits Dinobot to accompany the Maximals, although under careful guard.

The journey is perilous, and both sides find new uses in the abilities of their animal forms.  Buzzing attacks by Waspinator and Terrorsaur also keep the Maximals together in a defensive group.  Dinobot overreacts during one of these attacks and a stray shot strikes near Rhinox.  Rattrap immediately retaliates, taking Dinobot down from behind.  The fracas is broken up by Optimus, but it is the beginning of Rattrap and DinoBot's continuing feud.  The journey continues, with Dinobot under more suspicion than ever.

Finally both parties, ascending opposite sides of the rugged mountain, reach the top at the same time.  The power of the raw Energon crystal is causing an EFX storm of spectacular proportions.  Because this power would quickly damage their robot forms, both sides must engage in battle in their animal forms, in a primal war rendered even more spectacular by the power EFX playing over everything.  Optimus and Megatron go at it in a battle eerily reminiscent of the famous fight between King Kong and the Tyrannosaurus.

But just as Optimus is about to win, Megatron decides to risk it all and transforms into robot mode, firing his last missile at Optimus even as his circuits short and spark in the Energon storm.  The missile streaks toward Optimus -- but Dinobot leaps in front, knocking it away!  Dinobot is smashed to the stone but the missile impacts on the base of the Energon crystal.  To the horror of all onlookers, cracks begin forming and the EFX storm increases -- the crystal is about to explode!

With Optimus half-supporting Dinobot, the Maximals race down one side of the mountain while the Predacons abandon the shorted Megatron and flee down the other.  The Energon crystal's power EFX reach maximum intensity -- and the shorted but furious Megatron manages to drag himself to a cliff edge and hurl himself off just an instant before the Energon crystal detonates with an explosion of truly incredible power.  The crystal is destroyed!

Later, back at the Maximal command center, Optimus thanks Dinobot for saving his life.  Dinobot replies that he was just paying Optimus back for saving DinoBot's own on the bridge.  Now the score is even.  Optimus accepts that -- but permits Dinobot to join the Maximal team, over Rattrap's objections.

But Optimus realizes that the battle is far from over.  Both sides are stranded for now on this strange world, and the sides are -- for the moment -- even.  But there are stasis pods containing robot protoforms in a decaying orbit, and should these land and become acquired by either side, the balance of power could tip.  Also, there are more Energon crystals hidden all over the planet.  If the Predacons gain enough of them, they could realize their goal of galactic conquest!

But for now, let the battle be here.  On this strange world, in the distant past, let the battle for the galaxy be fought with primal rage. 

And let it be called -- Beast Wars!