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Here we will provide a plot summary and comments about some of the most popular Transformers shows ever to grace our televisions!  Unlike the summaries we give for the G1 TF shows on other sections of unicron.com, here we'll only provide our 'grade' for the episode's plot, as the animation in the series is very consistent from episode to episode.  That is, we think it's all pretty outstanding!

Plot Grading Scale:
Excellent, good, okay, bad, terrible

What some would call the second half of the first season is often referred to as the "second season" of Beast Wars. Whatever you call it, episodes 14 through 26 got better and better with many references to G1 Transformers, even an appearance of Starscream's ghost, a glimpse of Unicron and more.  (Much, but not all of the text below is taken from the web site of BMachines story editor Bob Skir.)  

14 - Double Dinobot:
Megatron creates a clone of Dinobot, then sends it to the Maximal Base to destroy their defense grid. The clever clone does its job, but there is one things it is not prepared for - the real Dinobot. plot: bad

15 - The Spark:
This episode serves as the introduction of Airrazor. In it, Rhinox and Cheetor must battle Predacons and perform Cybertronic field surgery to try and save the life of this new Maximal. The story is quite philosophical giving explanation to what provides the 'life' of a Transformer. Plot: Excellent

16 - The Trigger, Part 1:
A mysterious flying island which supports its own ecosystem and is equipped with alien weaponry attracts both sides of the Beast Wars. Tigatron wants to save the island and its ecosystem from depredation. The Predacons want it for its power and strategic advantage. Plot: good

17 - The Trigger, Part 2:
The battle for the flying island grows intense as warriors from both sides attempt to wrest control of the mysterious artifact. Blackarachnia gains control of the island's power - but Tigatron must make the painful decision to destroy the island and its ecosystem to prevent its destructive power from being unleashed. Plot: good

18 - Spider's Game:
Tarantulas and Blackarachnia team up to retrieve a Maximal stasis pod, as Tigatron and AirRazor attempt to stop them. While attempting to create a new Predacon spider, Tarantulas manages winds up with the crazed ant, loyal to "the colony" later reprogrammed to direct his loyalty to Megatron. This episode features an amazing Tigatron versus the Predacon fight scene at its conclusion. Plot: Excellent

19 - Call of the Wild:
Damage from a Predacon attack causes the Maximal base to lose its shielding against Energon effects. As a result the Maximals must remain in beast mode. To their consternation, the nature of their beast forms begin to dominate their lives - which is all part of Megatron's plan! Plot: Okay

20 - Dark Voyage:
When Rhinox, Cheetor, Rattrap and Dinobot are blinded by an Energon explosion, they must use their animal sense to battle Predacons and make it back to their base before their systems give out. Plot: Good

21 - Possession:
Having traversed time and space the Ghost of the original G1 Decepticon Starscream takes control of Waspinator's body. As a result, the Predacons gain a new and able warrior, Blackarachnia becomes a protege of Starscream's treacherous ways, and the Maximals lose control of their base! Plot: Excellent

22 - The Low Road:
Tarantulas has infected Rhinox with an Energon discharge virus, threatening to destroy not only Rhinox but the entire base in the process. The only hope is for Rattrap and Dinobot to take the captured Tarantulas back to his lab and obtain the countervirus. But Megatron has no intention of letting them succeed. And Rattrap and Dinobot are not exactly the best of friends! Plot: okay

23 - Law of the Jungle:
In this episode we obtain much insight into Tigatron and his beliefs and motivations. The Predacons and the Maximals end up in a heated battle on Tigatron's turf. Waspinator and Terrorsaur have Cheetor cornered and he appears to be in serious trouble when Tigatron shows up to save the day. Plot: Excellent

24 - Before the Storm:
The detection of strange signal from a remote mountain leads to the discovery of another alien artifact. Megatron proposes a truce with the Maximals while they work to discover the meaning of the signal. Optimus agrees, but only to buy time while Tigatron infiltrates the Predacon fortress to determine what secret Megatron is hiding. This episode is one giant suspence building machine! It leaves you with anxious anticipation! Plot: Excellent

25 - Other Voices, Part One:
An alien base arrives on the planet, and it abducts Air Razor for interrogation. When Optimus and Rattrap go to her rescue, Tarantulas and Blackarachnia invade the Maximal base, planning to steal a stasis pod and convert it into an escape craft. But before they can finish, the aliens decide that the Maximals and Predacons have caused too much 'contamination' of their planetary experiment. They beam an ominous signal to the planet's secondary moon... Plot: Excellent

26 - Other Voices, Part Two:
The planet's secondary moon is revealed to be an alien space station. Despite Optimus' pleas and protests, the aliens activate it to cause a planet wide heat wave intending to ignite the implanted energeon deposits. Optimus must risk his life in a desperate attempt to use Tarantulas' escape pod to destroy the station. Their plan, however, is enacted without knowing what role Megatron will play in this season finale showdown! Plot: Excellent