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The year is 2011. With the events of "The Return of Optimus Prime" having occurred the previous year (2010), this series features favorites like Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod and Galvatron; while introducing new characters such as Sixshot, the Trainbots and the Headmasters. Also note that with the appearance of characters such as Sideswipe and Prowl, that the events of the animated movie did not occur in this continuity.

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Note that all synopses use the western name for common characters and terms.

1. Four Warriors Come Out of the Sky - Galvatron leads some D's, including the D. Headmasters to Cybertron to take Vector Sigma for himself. Reinforcements are called from Athena and Earth to stop them. The Earth A's are being blocked by Sixshot and other D's. The A. Headmasters arrive at the end.

2. The Mystery of Planet Master - The story of the Transformers that left Cybertron for planet Master is told. Optimus Prime searches Cybertron for Vector Sigma and Hot Rod searches Earth for the matrix. Blaster and Soundwave destroy each other.

3. Birth of Double Convoy

4. Operation: Cassette

5. Rebellion on Planet Beast

6. Approach of the Demon Meteorite

7. The Four-Million Year Old Veil of Mystery

8. Terror of the Six Shadows

9. Seibertron is in Grave Danger, Pt. 1

10. Seibertron is in Grave Danger, Pt. 2

11. Scorponok, the Shallow Emperor

12. The Dormant Volcano Mysteriously Erupts

13. Head On, Fortress Maximus

14. Explosion on Mars!! Maximaus is in Danger

15. Explosion on Mars!! Megazarak Appears

16. The Return of the Immortal Emperor

17. SOS from Planet Sandra

18. The Most Important Thing in the World

19. Battle to the Death on the Beehive Planet

20. Tide-turning Battle on the False Planet

21. Find Megazarak's Weak Spot

22. Head Formation of Friendship

23. Mystery of the Space Pirate Ship

24. The Death of Ultra Magnus

25. The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg

26. I Risk My Life for Earth

27. The Miracle Warriors - The Targetmasters, Pt. 1

28. The Miracle Warriors - The Targetmasters, Pt. 2

29. The Master Sword is in Danger

30. The Zarak Shield Turns the Tide

31. Operation: Destroy the Destrons

32. My Friend Sixshot!

33. Duel on the Asteroid

34. The Final Showdown on Earth, Pt.1

35. The Final Showdown on Earth, Pt. 2