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The final year of the original cell animated cartoon series consisted of a measly 3 episodes but brought to life some of the best Transformers toys of all time.  What a shame they didn't keep the series going at this point!

94. The Return of Optimus Prime Part 1
95. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2
by Marf Wolfman, Cherie Wilderson & Michael Charles Hill;  The ending of Dark Awakening is completely re-done with Optims' lifeless body dragged out of the star cruiser by a couple of humans.  They also come in contact with a 'spore' which feeds on hatred.  The hate-spore spreads throughout the universe infecting all life, (humans, A's, D's, Q's...)  After a Quintesson brings Optimus back to life he proceeds on a mission to retrieve the Matrix from the infected Rodimus Prime and save the day.
bad plot, good animation
96. The Rebirth, part 1, by David Wise
97. The Rebirth, part 2, by David Wise
98. The Rebirth, part 3, by David Wise
Decepticons lead an assault on Autobot City to steal the "Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber.  Many new TF's introduced including: Sixshot, A&D Clones, Punch/Counterpunch, Throttlebots & others...  D's travel to Cybertron and open the Plasm Energy Chamber.  A group of A's follo in a starship & a bolt of plasma energy blasts their ship all the way to the Planet "Nebulos."  D's follow and in conuunction w/ the planet's inhabitants, A's and D's create HeadMaster and TargetMaster TFs.  Many more new TF's are introduced including Fortress Maximus, Scoprponk...  Show ends with a very Beast Machines-esque transformation of the planet Cybertron.
okay plot, good animation