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Transformers Generation 1 Wideload (Throttlebot)

Function: Materials Transport
Motto: Look good and you’ll have the world in your pocket.

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Wideload (Throttlebot):

Profile: Wide Load is usually so dirty one would think he sweats grease. But muck-encrusted appearances can be deceiving –Wide Load is a neatness fanatic. He despises his Autobot role because of its messy nature. So obsessed is he with looks that seldom does he consider the quality of a being’s character when making a judgment about him, her or it! He makes no secret of his vanity. He spends most of his free time polishing his finish or having another Autobot do it for him tor pay (which usually takes the form of surplus energeon that Wide Load had been lugging). He takes no special pride in his great strength and endurance; he’d much rather he savoring the scent of a flower than be hauling a dumpster full of spare parts.

Abilities: Wide Load is extremely strong. He can lift or carry up to 1,000,000 pounds in his dumpster. His range in truck mode is 1400 miles. Chemical sensors withing his hands and tires allow him to determine the chemical composition of most substances almost instantaneously. The Autobots rely on him and this ability to discover new sources of raw materials.

Weaknesses: Wide Load is unusually susceptible to rust, a problem he finds particularly emabarrassing since he takes such extreme pride in his appearance. He’s not particularly adept at driving over rought terrain and easily gets bogged down in muddy swamnpy environments.

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