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Transformers Generation 1 Sinnertwin (Terrorcon)

Function: Sentry
Motto: The sound of ripping metal is music to my audio modules.

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Sinnertwin (Terrorcon):

Profile: Just guarding an installation isn't enough for Sinnertwin; he wants to seek out potential problems and destroy them before they even approach the base. Sinnertwin is always cruising for trouble and he's only happy when he finds it. Destruction brings him a singular pleasure and he actually enjoys ensuring that his job is done right. Hun-Grrr and the others are impressed with his dedication but could do without his tendency to pace and complain when he's not doing something he finds exciting.

Abilities: Subject possesses great strength and endurance overall resistance to physical damage. He has above-average intelligence and in creature mode, he has numerous weapons at his disposal including his teeth, horns and claws. He has a back mounted flame cannon in this mode and each of his two heads contains a flamethrower as well. In robot mode he wields an armor-piercing grenade launcher. He combines with his fellow Terrorcons to form Abominus.

Weaknesses: Despite his posturing, Sinnertwin is deathly afraid of small creatures, organic and otherwise. The sight of a mouse or small Micromaster can makie his courage evaporate. He is also quite slow in creature mode.

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* Sinnertwin also known as: Twinstrike

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