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Transformers Generation 1 Abominus

Function: Warrior
Motto: ā€œChaos is my only ally, and destruction my only friend!ā€

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Apologies to the purists out there. The toy seen in photos has been slightly altered. Eyes painted red to match the cartoon series. Sorry! Character Profile/Bio: As a unit the Terrorcons are infamous for their brutality and ferocity, so it's no surprise that their combined forms is the embodiment of those characteristics. Abominus has a core of malevolent rage that's the equal of the most savage beasts in the galaxy. He destroys anything he comes across; from inanimate edifices to living Autobot warriors, with the fury of a storm. Unlike the feral creatures he acts like, it's plain that there is some hint of intelligence within Abominus that enjoys the devastation he causes.

Weapons/Abilities: Subject has immense physical strength and endurance and he is able to shrug off most artillery fire with no ill effects. He wields Hun-Grrr's sonic stun gun when not using his bare hands to crush his enemies.

Weaknesses: Subject has no significant physical weaknesses, but he is unintelligent and slow in battle.

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