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If there is any AUTOBOT the DECEPTICONS fear as much as OPTIMUS PRIME, it is ULTRA MAGNUS. His battle hammer has crushed chassis from one side of the galaxy to the other. No battlefield on which his armored feet have stepped has ever been yielded to the DECEPTICONS. DECEPTICONS better look out, because an enemy more terrifying than OPTIMUS PRIME is on the battlefield! This super-detailed ULTRA MAGNUS figure is a powerful warrior for the AUTOBOT side and he comes with a glowing battle hammer that converts to a blaster cannon in robot mode! Whether he’s in powerful truck mode or robot mode, he’s got the strength and weapons he needs to keep the DECEPTICONS on the run. Will he prevail? Keep converting him back and forth so he can handle whatever his enemies dish out! Powerful ULTRA MAGNUS robot-to-vehicle figure! Blaster cannon converts to battle hammer! Battle hammer really glows! Missile snaps on in truck mode. Figure comes with accessory and missile.
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