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Transformers Generation 1 Thunderwing (Pretender)

Function: Aerial Espionage
Motto: Cover yourself with lies and no one will find you.

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Bio: Thunderwing is a driven mechanoid who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. When it suits him, he uses his talent for treachery, subtlety and deceit to achieve his plans. When those do not suffice, Thunderwing uses his other valuable commodity, raw power. Beneath his veneer of sophistication and control is a power-hungry core of cruelty and rage. Interestingly, Thunderwing values those who serve him loyally but even they fear him when he locks onto some obsessive mission or quest.

Weapons/ Abilities: Posseses great strength, endurance and intelligence. His densly armored outer Pretender shell magnifies his formidable strength considerably. the shell itself is a veritable armory of weapons, including electrostatic rifles in the shoulder gun ports, a corrosive laser in the forehead and hoses in his chest that emit damaging gasses. IN interstellar jet mode, the shel can still make use of teh electrostatic guns and gas ports, in addition to a full of explosive plasma-charged bombs and two wing-mounted cyclone cannons (also useable in robot mode). The outer shell has a series of back-up power supplies. Including neutron power pack that enhances all of his firepower by 50 percent. Subject's inner robot transforms into a space shuttle armed with a laser cannon. The cannon is also usable in his robot mode. The inner robot's jet mode can also combine with the outer shell to form a super jet.

Weaknesses: Thunderwing's obsessive tendencies threaten to override his logic in key situations.

Bio, Weapons/Abilities, Weaknesses text is taken from Dreamwave Comics, TF: More Than Meets the Eye #7

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