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Transformers (Movie) Starscream (G1 redeco, Target exclusive)


Starscream - G1 deco, Target Exclusive in other sections:

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Starscream (G1 redeco, Target exclusive):

Sole survivor of the catastrophic battle that destroyed the other DECEPTICONS, STARSCREAM fled into the vast and cloudy skies of Earth, away from the searching eyes of the AUTOBOTS. His alien skin totally transparent to the primitive sensing technologies of humanity's armies, it was easy for him to find a place to hide. Altering his exterior was a simple matter, and made it even easier to hide from his enemies. With MEGATRON gone, and the AllSpark lost, he waits, and plots, and plans for a future in which he rises at the head of a mighty DECEPTICON army to reclaim all that his former leader lost.

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