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Mini-Con Giant Planet Team (Overcast, Deepdive, Longarm)


Transformers Cybertron Mini-Con Giant Planet Team (Overcast, Deepdive, Longarm)


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Mini-Con Giant Planet Team (Overcast, Deepdive, Longarm):

One of the only Mini-Con teams operating on the Giant Planet without the partnership of a larger robot, these three have made a long habit of bitterness. Uninterested in construction projects - or simply without the patience to work on a building crew in the case of Longarm - the Giant Planet Mini-Con Team roam abandoned sections of the world-city engaging their destructive impulses, and occasionally raiding work sites to steal supplies.

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TF: Cybertron

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Other toy appearances (Deepdive):

* Deepdive also known as: Deep Dive

Other toy appearances (Longarm):

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