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Transformers Cybertron Undermine

Motto: "Take another step and it'll be your last!" (Episode 10)

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Allegiance: Scourge, Jungle Planet Ruler
Home Planet: (Jungle) Beast Planet

Alternate mode: Dinosaur

Galaxy Force name: ダイノシャウト 
(Dino Shout)

Cyber Key power: Horn blade

First cartoon appearance: 
Cybertron episode #10: Search

First Comic appearance: none

History: A native of the Jungle Planet.  Little else is known about the character.

Official character text from packaging... 
Cruel and predatory UNDERMINE serves as a scout and spy for SCOURGE, unquestioned ruler of the Jungle Planet. He enjoys hunting, and will often toy with his prey before moving in to rip out its power source with his powerful fangs. Silent, cunning and all but impossible to sneak up on, UNDERMINE is possibly the greatest hunter the Universe has ever seen. The only reason you haven't heard about him before now is that none of his prey have survived long enough to talk about it.

Cyber Planet Key Code: s48a
Undermine is just like what his name means! He is sneaky, dirty and foul! He would sell his own Grand-Transformer-Spark to make a dollar! In fact, when Scourge had just taken over as leader of Jungle Planet, Undermine did something that truly earned him his name! Scourge had a bodyguard-bot named Shrapnel, Shrapnel was a reliable bot and never once said anything bad about any other Transformer. Well, Undermine took a mini-recording device and faked a message of Shrapnel telling Scourge he was a smoke-ring blowing sissy! Well, when Scourge heard that he was furious!!! Soon enough, Shrapnel was sent packing, and Undermine was placed as Scourge's new bodyguard. What a rotten guy!

Profile, Abilities & Weaknesses:  
Will be added/edited as more information about the character becomes available...

SPEED: 6.5

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