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Transformers Cybertron Buzzsaw


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Base Planet: Cybertron

Alternate modes:
Cybertronian Helicopter

Galaxy Force name: 

First cartoon appearance: Cybertron episode #18:Champion

Official character text from packaging... 
Despite the evacuation of CYBERTRON, and the incredible danger presented by the black hole, many of the bravest, craziest or most foolish stayed behind. BUZZSAW is one of the crazies, a dangerous rogue from the DECEPTICON old guard who intends to hoard as much of the planet's Energon as he can for himself, hoping to gain enough power to destroy the AUTOBOTS upon their return! For now, he is content to lurk in the abandoned cities of CYBERTRON, practicing his marksmanship by blowing the tops off the old Energon Towers.

Cyber Planet Key Code: df58
Buzzsaw is actually an older Transformer name that dates back to Beast Wars! In 1995, Hasbro created an all-new line of Transformers toys called Transformers: Beast Wars where old characters were reimagined into animals. Megatron became a Dinosaur and Optimus Primal was a gorilla. One of the characters that was never in the TV show, but appeared in product was Buzzsaw – a yellow jacket wasp. This toy, which originally was used in Transformers: Armada as Cyclonus, was given a new head mold that resembles the Buzzsaw toy from 1995, and a paint job the hearkens back to the colors used on the Beast Wars toy too!

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* Buzzsaw also known as: Buzz Saw

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