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Transformers Cybertron Vector Prime (with Safeguard)

Motto: "For Honor! For Glory! For Cybertron!"

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Vector Prime (with Safeguard):

"I  can see through time." (Episode 9)

Allegiance: Defender of Cybertron

Galaxy Force: 

Function: Keeper of space and time

1st cartoon appearance: 
Cybertron ep #1:Fallen

1st comic appearance: 
Collector Club Newsletter 1st edition

Official character text: Arising from an era in which all TFs lived in harmony, Vector Prime is unaware of the conflict between Autobots & Decepticons, a fact that Megatron uses to trick him & steal the map to the lost planets & the planet keys. Realizing his mistake, he joins Optimus & pledges his knowledge & skill to the desperate quest to retrieve the planet keys before Megatron.

The below text is taken from the TF Collector Club, Exclusive Comic, summer 2005.. Author: unknown, please e-mail if you can identify the author so we can provide credit.

BIO: It is impossible to encompass all that Vector Prime is. One of the very f'iw truly unique creatures in all the Multi-verse, he has walked the time stream from its raging headwaters to its muddy, struggling ending, where it bleeds out into the ever more infinite sea of entropy that marks the passing of every totality. His vision is limited only by the borders of space-time, but that there is yet more beyond he has no doubt.

Created by Primus at the very beginning of its struggle with Unicron, when most of the newborn universes were little more than swirling douds of ionized hydrogen, his was the most complex task of all the original 13. Drawn from the sublime material of a multiverse at the far end of entropy, he is the very soul of order. At his heart thrum the subtle mathematics that govern the movements of quarks, the slow spin of galaxies. Before his eyes run the lines of force that tie all things back towards their center, back towards Cybertron.

Vector Prime's might has dwindled over the years, his boundless energy taken up in the never ending task of maintaining the Gordian mechanics of space-time. As the multiverse has run down its inevitable course, so has Vector Prime aged - his systems shutting down piece by piece, code that once ran at the forefront of his mind forgotten, files fragmenting, memory sectors burning out.

As he aged, and as the weight of Time built up within him he found himself less and less engaged in the linear universe. With both Primus and Unicron dormant - their endless confiict for the moment ended - he withdrew from the flow of time, submerging himself in a dimension of probability, in which all moments and all possibilities exist concurrently.

He emerged occasionally to correct serious disruptions in the ordered flow of events, but he did not return to Cybertron until called by Vector Sigma - the vast, interdimensional mainframe that connects all aspects of Cybertron to one another. Now, he has returned home to find the multiverse he was created to protect in danger of being torn apart at the seams.

WEAPONS / ABILITIES Any discussion of Vector Prime' abilities would be fruitless without first mentioning his sword, Rhisling.
Extraordinary for its properties as a tool as much as for its powers as a weapon, Rhisling is the means by which Vector Prime interacts with spacetime.

Forged of ethereal supermatter, its edge is fine enough to slice through the very fabric of reality, allowing Vector Prime to move from dimension to dimension, or alter time itself. The heat of the blade can be used to heal any damage it inflicts. Wielded by a master swordsman such as Vector Prime, there is no finer weapon in existence.

Vector Prime's sensory equipment - housed in the bottom section of his vehide mode - is capable of detecting objects and energy signatures at a distance of 12 parsecs, and is fine enough in its resolution to pinpoint a subject within only a few meters. He also has a temporal mechanics analyzer that allows him to generate a potentiality schematic starting at a specific point in space-time, thereby predicting likely courses of action. This essentially gives him a nearly complete knowledge of every event, past and future, within his sensor range.

His sensory duster is protected by a quartet of Gauss cannons that fire short bursts of armor-piercing, nudear shells, delivering a series of EM shocks to stun any mechanical target they strike. His most formidable weapon in vehide mode is a single probability torpedo, housed in a reinforced launching tube in his nosecone.

In addition to a significant conventional detonation, this weapon disrupts causality in a localized area, yielding a variety of effects, all of which are inevitably disastrous for the target. Vector Prime rarely uses this weapon, as its effects always result in more work for him after the condusion of battle.
In both modes, Vector Prime's armor is enhanced by several hundred microscopic dimensional vortices that capture and redirect part of the energy of every attack made against him to the heart of the larger of Cybertron's twin suns.

WEAKNESSES:  Despite his unique perspective, he is nonetheless a linear thinker, locked into the concepts of cause and effect. As a result, he is not particularly imaginative, which limits his ability to use the vast amount of data available to him. Sufficiently unpredictable enemies have often outwitted him. 

Internal inhibitors prevent him from creating a paradox by appearing in two places at the same time. As a result, he is occasionally forced to expend a great deal of energy seeding himself throughout time, thereby giving the impression of omnipresence.

Finally, though he is a consummate swordsman, his reflexes are sometimes slowed by his internal data structure. When about to engage in combat, he prepares by shutting down a number of sub-processors, enhancing his thinking speed, but decreasing his significant Intelligence and ability to predict the actions of his enemies.

Bibliography of significant appearances:
*Cybertron episode #1:Fallen - Arrives on Cybertron, opens dimensional portal and sends Landmine to Earth.
*Cybertron episode #2:Haven - Uses Cyber Key.
*Cybertron episode #4:Landmine - Discovers coordinates of Velocitron.
*Cybertron episode #9: Time- Reveals spacebridge story; Reverses time.
*Cybertron episode #10:Search - Discovers coordinates of Jungle Planet.
*Cybertron episode #11:Deep - Raises Atlantis.
*Cybertron episode #25:Retreat - Loses Omega Lock to Starscream.


Vector Prime is accompanied by the Mini-Con Safeguard who has his own vehicle mode & attaches to his larger friend! These two heroes are ready to cross the universe in order to save it!

The following are excerpts from the "Ask Vector Prime" page where you ask him a question and he answers.  Click HERE for complete list of questions and answers..


...There seem to be a lot of questions about about me, Vector Prime so I have tried to answer a few here and I will continue to tell you more about me each week:  My Name is Vector Prime and I am as old as time. I was created by PRIMUS when Cybertron began to function as the guardian of the Transformers. I am from Cybertron and as the guardian of TFs, I have joined forces with the Autobots for good to defeat evil. I change from a robot to an ancient Cybertronian spaceship which is why I am able to travel through time to many different planets.


Q: Who is your best friend?
A: Safeguard, my minicon has been with me on many journeys and we have had time to become very good friends


Q: Is Optimus Prime older than you?
A: Optimus Prime is much younger than I am . He is the current leader of the Autobots. I was a Transformers leader back when Cybertron was first created.


Q: Who is Primus?
A: You might occasionally hear the Autobots mention “Primus.” Primus is one of the first two Transformers, and is Unicron’s total opposite and brother. Primus is the ultimate force of good in the universe just as Unicron is the ultimate evil.


Q: Who is Unicron?
A: Unicron was an Evil Transformer that is the size of a planet who constantly threatens the Transformers universe. He has been destroyed several times, but always seems to come back. No one knows how.


Q: Your Cyber Planet key has all 4 symbols, Why?
A: As a guardian of the Transformers galaxy, I belong to no one planet in particular


Q: What keeps Transformers alive?
A: Each Transformers robot has a spark. It is a digital soul within their metal bodies


Q: Does your sword have any special powers?
A: My sword is used with my Cyber Key to open up warp gates and connect to different places and times.


Q: What is the Omega Lock?
A: The Omega Lock is an ancient piece of Cybertronian technology that was sent out many years ago with the Cyber Planet Keys. There is a search now to locate it as well as all 4 Cyber Planet Keys to save CYBERTRON from the black hole.


Q: Are you second in Command?
A: No, I am not actually second in Command I am acting as a protector of Cybertron working with the Autobots. Jetfire is really the second in Command of the Autobot warriors.


Q: Did you ever fight Unicron?
A: Yes

Q: Are you really one of the first 13 TFs?
A: Yes

Q: Do you shave your mustache?
A: Fortunately I do not need to worry about shaving because I do not really have a mustache. It is the articulation in my facial plates that you see.

Q: How much do you weigh?
A: That depends on which planet I am living.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I am originally from Cybertron but I have not lived there or many centuries. In fact, when I was on Cybertron, Transformers were not divided as Autobots or Decepticons.

Q: How old are you?
A: I am almost as old as the planet Cybertron. That is over 9 billion years old!

Q: How does Jolt know how to talk?
A: Jolt learned to speak a human language by listening to and watching everything he could including television, music and the Internet.

Q: Do you know Alpha Q?
A: Yes

Q: Are you related to Optimus Prime?
A: Optimus Prime and I are not really related but we share the name Prime because that is a name given to Autobots with important jobs.

Q: What is your favorite planet?
A: I have spent many years on Cybertron

Q: Do you sleep?
A: I do try to take occasional opportunities to rest

Q: Do you know Alpha Trion?
A: Yes, from many years ago.

Q: How many episodes of Transformers Cybertron will there be?
A: There will be 52 episodes


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