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Transformers Cybertron Overhaul

Function: All-Terrain Rescue/Warfare
Motto: "I never back off; it's not my style." -ep 10

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1st 'toon appearance: episode #1: Fallen

1st comic appearance: None, yet

SPEED: 4.5

Official character text from packaging... 
One tough Autobot, Overhaul has never thought much of intellectual pursuits. His solution to a complex problem is generally to stomp on it until it gets simple or stops being a problem. He’s never felt that he’s had the respect his strength deserves from the other AUTOBOTS, but now that he’s on the Jungle Planet—where might makes right—he feels right at home.

History -info courtesy of Byrerprime
History: Overhaul was a great warrior who had won many battles. No other bots wanted to work with him because they felt he was reckless. He continued to work alone until one time a rock slide trapped him. He felt that nobody knew where he was to rescue him. Optimus Prime rescued him and said that he had been keeping an eye on him. Overhaul joined the other Autobots on Earth with Optimus Prime. After the coordinates for Jungle Planet were discovered, Overhaul and Landmine were ordered to go through the dimensional portal. After Overhaul entered, Landmine was shot by Thundercracker. Overhaul was left alone on an unstable planet. A tremor caused by Starscream opened up a crevasse which Overhaul fell into. Clinging to the side, he could see lava below. After pulling himself up, his systems were in need of repair. He was approached by Backstop, who would befriend him. Overhaul challenged Scourge, who nearly destroyed him. It was only because of  Snarl that Overhaul was not demolished. He trained himself to withstand Scourge's fire and challenged him again. This time, Megatron interfered by throwing Snarl at him. When Scourge attacked Snarl, who was helpless, it enraged Overhaul. Overhaul felt one of the totems calling out to him. When he answered the call, he was changed into Leobreaker.

Some interesting commentary about his name, provided by Nevermore...

We all know that Takara Jackshot is the first Galaxy Force character to get an upgrade... into Liger Jack. Note how the new name retains a part of the old name: JACKshot => Liger JACK.  The same later happens with the Vanguard Team upgrades: EXIllion => EXIgeyser; BACKpack => BACK Gild; FIRST Aid => FIRST Gunner. 

Now for the Hasbro versions: Overhaul gets upgraded into... Leobreaker (sorry, no link yet). After Hasbro had finally upgraded their website to Cybertron, inserting the code from Overhaul's Planet Key gave us the following information:

"In the original design stage for TF: Cybertron, Overhaul was going to be called "Trailbreaker", a popular name from the 1980's. This was to match up with his later upgrade to "LeoBREAKER" -- a lion on the Jungle Planet. His name was changed to Overhaul, but the Lion's name stayed the same! A lion would sound kinda funny with the name "Leohaul", right?  So there we have it: Jackshot's US name was originally planned to be TrailBREAKER, who would then get upgraded into LeoBREAKER. I smell some trademark shenanigans here (probably the same reason the Spychanger whose color scheme is undoubtedly a G1 Trailbreaker homage is named "Ironhide")."

Anyway, back to Cybertron Overhaul... What if they had still planned to have the upgrade's name reflect the original version's name?  A few months ago, we got a listing from the Club magazine that "confirmed" the Hasbro names for many characters.  Among them were Liger Jack, listed as "Overcast", and Live Convoy, listed as "Leobreaker".  It was initially assumed that a name swap had been going on: Apparently, "Overcast" was going to be the US name for Live Convoy, and "Leobreaker" was the US name for Liger Jack, as had been revealed before.

Okay, now we know that Live Convoy's US name is actually "Evac". So was he changed from "Overcast"? One problem here: The color sheet, dating from December 2004, stated his US name as "Evac" (admitted, though, Tera Shaver was called "Flying Dino" at the same time). Thinking about it... is it possible they didn't swap the names "Overcast" and "Leobreaker", but simply replaced the wrong name with "Leobreaker"?

Maybe the OVERhaul upgrade was at one point supposed to be named... OVERcast?  Heh. Wonder how that went wrong, though.

Bibliography of significant appearances:

Bibliography of significant appearances:
* episode #10: Search - Goes to Jungle Planet.
* episode #11: Deep - Meets Backstop.
* episode #15: Detour - Becomes Leobreaker.
* episode #20: Honor - Past revealed.

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