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Transformers Cybertron Thundercracker

Motto: "I think I'll have me a little fun!" (Episode 10)

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History: In an attempt to gain Megatron's favor, Thundercracker looked for the Autobot's secret base on Earth. He has attacked numerous fighter jets for fun. Thundercracker attacked a helpless Cybertronian civilian, and the Autobots fought him. He left, but came back to shoot Landmine in the back before he could go through the dimension gate.

from package bio...

This loyal DECEPTICON works under the command of STARSCREAM for the recovery of the Planet Key on Earth. THUNDERCRACKER believes that the most effective way to defeat an enemy is to terrorize and demoralize him before attacking. The mere sound of his focused sonic booms—audible for more than 200 miles—is enough to frighten many other TRANSFORMERS.


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*Cybertron episode #10: Search - Attacks civilian; Attacks Landmine.

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