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Transformers Armada Thundercracker w/ Zapmaster

Motto: "Taste the cruel bite of my ruthless weaponry."

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[Security Briefing D-34 from Blurr, Autobot]
Bio: Truly a rebel without a cause, the apathetic Thundercracker was an exceptional Decepticon warrior who wished for nothing more than to excel at his appointed task.  Despite his constant attempts to win Megatron's favor, the bold aerial warrior eventually grew to resent his former leader and the cause for which he stood. Having abandoned the Decepticon ranks some time before the Earthen Conflict, Thundercracker dropped out of sight for so long that he was believed destroyed, but it's been ~ rumored that he may have set up a new base of operations within the portion of Cybertron's southern hemisphere known as the Wastelands. Several recent reports have also suggested that he has returned to Cyber City, serving in a mercenary capacity along with a currently unidentified Mini-Con accomplice. Without any hard evidence of Thunder cracker's continued existence, it's hard to substantiate such claims.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject commands an extensive knowledge of a wide range of Cybertronian martial arts and combat techniques, having trained several of the Decepticon elite, including Starscream and ~. Thundercracker is also rumored to possess a fierce "warrior spirit" which allows him to perform nearly impossible feats of strength and endurance when properly motivated. Like Starscream, he can utili~e, his wing as a deadly Energon-powered blade in hand-to-hand combat.

Weaknesses:  Thundercracker's lack of motivation and susceptibility to apathetic thinking can lead to bouts of depression and self-doubt, which can adversely affect his battlefield abilities.


Allegiance: Mini-con
1st Cartoon Appearance: none
1st Comics Appearance: TF:Armada #18
Other Appearances:  none
"It's not what you know, it's who you know."


Bio:  [From the Personal Files of Thundercracker, former Decepticon]  I remember when I bumped into this rambunctious little Mini-Con while making my way through the Wastelands, following my falling out with Megatron and subsequent departure from the Decepticon army. As I wandered aimlessiy, contempiating my fate, this arrogant iittle whelp sprang from nowhere and actually had the bearings to try and mug me. After shrugging off the attack, I was poised to return the favor by extinguishing his puny little spark. But I there was something about that spirit of his that I couldn't help but respect-the little scraplet just refused to back down, even with my I energo-sword inches from his face.
Believe it or not, from that cycle forward Zapmaster has inspired me to train and refocus with the hopes of someday putting a stop to Megatron and his ilk.


Weapons and Abilities: While not possessing any true military training, Zapmaster's troubled upbringing in the Wastelands has toughened him up considerably, making him more of a threat than most of the so-called "warriors" that I've served with. A iifetime of struggiing and scraping for survival has turned him into a fighter in the truest sense of the word. Oddly enough, he reminds me a iot of my younger self. Go figure...


Weaknesses:  This cantankerous Mini-Con's courage is much bigger than his tiny frame can support, and while I can truly respect that, I fear that it might one day lead to his downfall.


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